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QUEER HISTORY: Alan Turing 🌟

Today marks the birthday of pioneering mathematician, data scientist and queer historical icon Alan Turing (23rd June 1912 – 7th June 1954). His contributions to artificial intelligence and data science have shaped the world we live in today as well as his creation of the Turing Machine, deciphering the enigma code and the Turing Test.

“Although laws during the 1950s made it illegal for Turing to be openly gay, he did not shy away from his sexuality. Instead, he continued to live his life, as an out gay man, both in social circles and his profession. It is his commitment to authenticity and equality that makes Turing’s achievements that much more remarkable to us today” – harmham

Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts 2 years prior to his death. In 2013, Turing was granted a posthumous pardon and later in 2017 a law dubbed the “Alan Turing Law” is now informally used to retroactively pardon men cautioned or convicted under historical legislation that outlawed homosexual acts, leading to thousands of gay and bisexual men being pardoned.

Today on his 110th birthday, we acknowledge Alan’s contributions to the technological world we live in today as well as recognising him to being a true historical queer icon.

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  1. Andrew M. Turing says:

    He changed our world. A genius and a man ahead of his time. We all owe him.

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