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Brighton Pride news: Pleasure Gardens and box office, …

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Pleasure Gardens and box office,
Pride build day 2

Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Page


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16 Responses

  1. Julian Williams Marc Reace-Coles spot the dogs at the box office

  2. Looks like club tropical is in a tent Jess Louise for S-club xx

  3. Vicki Faires says:

    Is youth tickets restricted to certain area

  4. Hayley Blackett :'(

  5. Karen Rogers says:

    Any one know are dogs allowed in Park

  6. Karen Peters says:

    Didn’t get a response to this so copying to a new post…
    As this is a little more lively will post this here:
    Understandable liquid restrictions 100ml into park.
    Where are stand pipes of drinking water?
    How will organisers make all aware of locations?
    Are there enough locations for tickets sold?
    Will organisers email all for awareness as many are unaware?
    Thank you in advance 😊

  7. Jamie Walker says:

    Chris Beard Jacky Boy Broughton

  8. Emma Clayton says:

    Is it true the pleasure gardens will have a men only area?

  9. Matthew Craig this is that other place I was on about

  10. Lucinia-Jayde Allman

  11. Megan Barber if only 😩

  12. Ryan Knowles says:

    Keeley Plumb x!!!

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