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Brighton Pride news: Join us as we ALL #StandUpToHateCrimeBeaten up for being gay – James and Dain w…

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Join us as we ALL #StandUpToHateCrime

Beaten up for being gay – James and Dain were enjoying a night out together when they were followed out of a nightclub and attacked. The assault has left physical and emotional scars.

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24 Responses

  1. it upset me hearing their story, its awful that 2 young people go out for a night in brighton and get attacked for beng in love, stay strong together x

  2. Great programme, highlighting the most awful hate crimes, I hope James and Dain can overcome this as they are a wonderful couple. My heart goes out to all the victims on this programme and I STAND UP TO HATE CRIME ❤️

  3. Be who you both are and don’t let others try and spoil that. You are strong beautiful men in love. Forget those idiots cos I know I won’t give them a second thought, but your story will stay in my heart. Love and luck. Xx

  4. Joseph Scott says:

    I found this programme heartbreaking and thought we had passed these disgusting acts of hate against us in the community to live our lifes to be accepted to who we choose to love, looks like the LGBT Community have a lot of hard work to do which on Saturday l am going to Brighton Pride as planned to make my voice heard that Hate Will Never Win. We choose #SummerOfLove ❤

  5. I just can’t believe what I am watching. But it just shows that love will win every time. How brave of you both to speak out like this. You have shown those cowards what real courage is xx

  6. what evil people are they for doing this to fells its so bad , so they are love each other leave them alone ,whats wrong with people so they are lovely pair of fellas so what they are gay so get off your high horse and love them for being them GOOD LUCK AND HOPE YOUR BOTH OK XXXXXXXXXX

  7. Sam McDowell says:

    All the stories that featured in the programme were upsetting. Who or what makes these moronic attackers think they have the right to decide that their view is the right way for others to live. Anyone who doesn’t like the way I CHOOSE to live my life have 2 choices; get over it and learn to live with us or crawl back under your pre-historic rock and live with your own mindless idiots. Love will always win xx

  8. What I fool I am for believing times had changed for the better. We’re people are judged on there actions and not on there life decisions. Why is it hard for people just to love and respect each other. Shouldn’t have to live in fear absolute disgusting behaviour. Everyone should stand together against this hatred

  9. So moving and so incredibly brave of them all to speak of this mindless savagery. … How tragic that acceptance still seems so far away sometimes

  10. Watched this documentary lastnight and I was shocked by how many haters there are in the world and how someone can do the things they done to some of these ppl it’s disgusting those ppl should be ashamed! These ppl are humans and deserve the same respect as the rest of us their choice their lifestyle they r causing no harm to anyone else all they r doing is being in love and if ppl find that offensive then they really need a reality check themselves when was being in love a crime? My heart went out to all the ppl in this program and hope that one day society will not be so ignorant to others feelings n lifestyle choices x

  11. Colin Morris says:

    James and Dean,, I listened to your story with tears in my eyes,, it brought back painful memories of when I was attacked in a similar situation way back in 1982. like you I was followed home after a night out in a gay club and attacked by two guys. I ended up with my jaw broken and skull fractured,Again like you , it was a taxi driver who radioed Police and another Taxi driver who stopped and helped until the ambulance arrived, The first taxi driver helped the police to catch the two Guys. Unlike you, when it came to court, they where found guilty and given a £100 fine. The worst was yet to come,, the following week,headline in the local News paper,,,, Local gay man Attacked,it went on to publish my name, age, address etc. The two guys where NOT named or any details given about them. That felt worse than the attack itself. This has lived and affected me throughout my life and this is first time I have talked about it. In 2017 I had hope that this sort of thing had stopped but unfortunately ,it hasn’t,. Please try not to let it affect you as a person, best thing you can do is talk about , by talking about it,hopefully it will give courage to others who have been attacked, and to come forward , knowing there is now justice and that these thugs,these evil people will now be sentenced to a long spell in prison,and wont get away with it. xx

  12. Susan Smyth says:

    Omg I’m crying reading this you are such beautiful boys and unfortunately you will come across people that are homophobic it’s an insicuraty of there’s,, please please be careful that’s all you can do ,, I only hope they get their comupance ,,and it’s as severe as your beatings God love you both

  13. Marcus Lee says:

    Was watching Being Gay in UK on BBC2 and it was so touching especially the two young lads from Brighton who got attack for being themselves.

    Just hope the couple are still together and going strong.

    Just shows you that hate crime happens everywhere including a place like Brighton what is a known Gay Resort.

    Does it matter what our sexuality is theses days! No because the most important thing is we are still human beings you shouldn’t have to hide what you are or who you are but unfortunately some people have no choice but to do this and it’s such a shame.

    Let’s just hope that our children after that are you one of the differences when they reach their late 60s and with any luck please hate crimes become a thing of the past not only for the LGBT community but for everybody out there in planet earth today.

  14. Mandy Wright says:

    This breaks my heart. So feel for these lovely guys. How would the scum feel if someone attacked them for being Hetro. If anyone ever did anything like this to my boy, God help them. Not only would they have prison to face but me at the end of it. I hope this attack doesn’t stop these lovely guys living their lives. Only love counts boys and you have that for each other in abundance x

  15. Helen Raines says:

    Why the hell do people bash the crap out of others just for being gay???? This is so wrong! It’s like saying someone is going to bash me for liking strawberry jam! It no one else’s business what sexual orientation a person is! If two people love each other and care for each other, they should not be condemned for something they have no control over! You don’t choose to be gay! It’s like you dont wake up one morning and say “oh, I might be gay today to see what it’s like!” So sad how society condemns others for being different! How would a straight person feel if a gay couple bashed the crap out of them for being straight? You ant help how you are born and you certainly can’t help who you fall in love with! I hope that these two beautiful young men continue to love and support each other and have a happy life, despite this horrendous crime that was thrust upon them! Love yo you both! And I’m glad the perpetrators got what they deserved! Although if it were left up to me to hand down the punishment, they would probably not be breathing today! 💕💕💕💕

  16. Pete Shaw says:

    Made me so angry and sad watching this Wishing you both well glad you have each other, never be afraid to be who you are those evil morons will pick on the wrong people one day and get what’s coming to them 😘 😘

  17. Lisa Jeavons says:

    So much love and respect to you guys for your courage. These kinds of things should not be happening in the age we are living in. People should not need to fear being judged for who they are or who they love. Xx

  18. Jane Grayer says:

    Really – in this day and age!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! Let me know if you want to get married guys – I’d happily do your ceremony for nothing to give you wonderful, love filled memories. X

  19. Lisa McClung says:

    I always struggle most when reading these stories to understand the hate.. I mean why? Why are they so infested with hate and anger and bitterness towards love basically! Even if they are straight and struggle to understand the different types of love and it makes them uncomfortable that’s one thing but to be filled with so much hatred that it pours out of them in violence towards innocent beautiful people I just can’t comprehend that! I see these stories and it makes me so sad cos everyday I hope that by the time my children grow up into respectful, open, kind, accepting people these actions will be long in the past. 😢❤️

  20. Tanya Light says:

    I watched this and I was shocked and felt for all those involved. I’m with my girlfriend Gemma St John and we have four kids we call our home the fluffy house cos all we want in our home is a world of fluff. We wish all love and fluff in your lives xx

  21. Both my son and daughter are gay I worry every day tgey to out the door,We would think in this day and age people would be more tolerant but sadly no your will always get these vile individuals karma and justice should support these victims.im proud of my son and daughter and proud tgey live their life their choice just as long as their happy

  22. If we are born on this planet, in this solar system, we are called human beings. We don’t have a choice to be born somewhere else. This, gives us the RIGHT to be alive, and live a life. It shouldn’t be up to another human, who is also born to this planet, to decide what is right or wrong. We come to this planet for a 80 year visit, give or take. The planet will still be here 100s of 1000s of years from now. Can we not just let people have the best possible visit while they are here. Live and let live. If you don’t agree, go live your life in a cave somewhere, where you won’t be so easily offended by the diversity of what being human, looks like.
    Kudos to those who stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

  23. I totally understand what pride is all about but really frustrates me that a fraction of those who attend just treat is as a opportunity to get drunk and party. Who agrees? I love going to pride when possible and celebrating who I am but seeing many people who treat the celebrations like this puts me off going at all 😭

  24. Absolutely disgusting the way some people think it’s ok to beat people up just because they happen to love someone of the same sex!! People should he allowed to live their own lives how they want to. Be with who they want to. Life is too short to be anything but happy after all this is not a rehearsal we get one shot so let people live in peace. So much hatred in the world today it’s horrible. You are both so brave. Sending lots of love & hugs 💙💙💙💙 xxxx

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