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Brighton Pride news: Brazilian judge approves ‘gay conversion therapy’, sparking national outrage

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Brazilian judge approves ‘gay conversion therapy’, sparking national outrage

The ruling overturns a national psychology council decision in 1999 forbidding psychologists from offering treatments claiming to ‘cure’ gay people

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10 Responses

  1. I’m Brazilian, it makes me sad and ashamed.

  2. Mark Byrne says:

    Nice cuntry you got there Junior Faria😕

  3. FFS!!!! Utter LUNACY. Makes me so sad 😔

  4. Bloody religion once again!😤😤😤

  5. Tim Lewis says:

    Religion every time… Can’t people see that religion is the enemy of decent human beings, but it always seeks to spread its poison.

  6. How about homophobic therapy for all the ignorance that is out there.

  7. Andi Parsons says:

    When will people realise being gay is part of who a person is and not something that can or should be changed? Everyone has the right to be free and live THEIR life as they choose to do. I feel sorry for those who have to live in a country with such small minded leaders.

  8. Hugo Marques says:

    Jordan have you seen this?

  9. 13 people liked this post. What’s to like? It makes me very angry. Hate religion it poisons everything and everyone that comes into contact with it. It did it to me, until I left 😥

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