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Boomtown Fair news: With 7 months to go, we have a range of creative opportunities for Chapter Two:

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Latest update from Boomtown Fair

With 7 months to go, we have a range of creative opportunities for Chapter Two: The Twin Trail! ✨

We’re looking for talented individuals and groups from far and wide to help us build our beautiful, creative and chaotic world.

We’re currently looking for…
👀 Spectacular circus and theatre troupes!
👀 Walkabout performers to bring our Town’s streets to life!
👀 Street Venues from the first seedling of an idea to seasoned crew.

Boomtown is for everyone, and we want people of all backgrounds and experiences to apply! ❤️


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Boomtown Fair


21 Responses

  1. Are you looking for dancers in any capacity? I know an extremely talented professional who would love to dance at boomtown, especially on the metropolis stage!

  2. Joe Ferguson if you haven’t put your name down already!

  3. Keith Parkin says:

    Can we have oap camp site and 70s disco in the woods

  4. Clive Chandler
    Sarah Rowland-barker

  5. Richard TozerLuke Manning

  6. Yogi Dai says:

    I’ve applied to bring a circle of fire yoga session 🙏

  7. Charl Cook says:

    Fiona Megarrell should we practice and go like this 😂

  8. Hava Borg says:

    Alison Stone still looking for walkabouts !!

  9. Lo Ana says:

    On attend quoi pour prendre nos places !? Loulou Beat Bang

  10. Martha King says:

    Jessamy Cutland Willow Banfield Emma Gumbleton 🔥

  11. Zac Milnes says:

    Mol Hart Hoops Sofia Hulala Chloe Pottinger

  12. Jj Fowler says:

    Want to do a micro venue, have you got a application process for that yet

  13. Paula Ruby says:

    Don Swatton ❤❤

  14. Adjua says:

    Amber Lavina – Circus Artist

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