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Boomtown Fair news: Who are you bringing to the festival this year!? Are you going with a big group

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Who are you bringing to the festival this year!? Are you going with a big group or braving it solo? We’d love to know! Tag your Boomtown crew below 👇

Boomtown Fair


19 Responses

  1. Karl Fleet says:

    Mike Shovel Webber yeaaahh baby we’re going to boomtown 😁😁😁

  2. Alan Davison says:

    I’ll be taking my wee lady who will be my wife by the time it comes around as she’s been with me to the last 7 boomtowns

  3. Sarah Rogers says:

    Naomi Thorne and The Lads 🙂

  4. Greg Fisher says:

    Solo for the first time for me

  5. Steven Griffiths says:

    Duetting again with Daniel Pannenberg. Pumped!

  6. Naomi Perilli says:

    Rafaela Perilli 🎉🎊🥰

  7. Wendy Cottrell says:

    Natasha Morris is my boomtown partner

  8. Kay Tilley says:

    With my Tuesday tiki twin Kelly-Marie Nicholls 😂

  9. Andy Clark says:

    Six or seven of us, most of which have gone to festivals together for 30 plus years

  10. Sophie Parsons says:

    Luke Walley Pop Walley Melanie Anna Katharina Serena Van Der Woodsen Thomas Churches Alex Ooi Renée T J McCumber Rebecca Davey Dayna Wyatt Meisha Kelly

  11. Rozz Starrs says:

    Claire Gee Joanna Trolley gonna rock the Boomtown 😍

  12. Tasha Meredith says:

    Chip Panjetski Me & You ♥️🍻🎉

  13. Mark Miller says:

    NKULEE DUBE!!! see you in the summer!

  14. Pauline Bronte Jones says:


  15. Vicki Haggar says:

    Angel Moon Child Hill Jordan HaggarByron Stewart Kev Hill

  16. Daniel Usually Wright says:

    Ellis Belvedere 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  17. Sara Keys says:

    Kassie Keys Dan Wingrove 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  18. Chlo May Millett says:

    Tia Deverall 💃

  19. Warren Bean says:

    A big group! So many of us are coming 😁

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