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Boomtown Fair news: We’re blown away to announce that standard tickets have COMPLETELY SOLD OUT; lea

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

We’re blown away to announce that standard tickets have COMPLETELY SOLD OUT; leaving only Public Transport Saver tickets left!

You’ve got TWO DAYS to snag yourself one of these before they go up to Phase 3 in line with the change in VAT! 👀

You can secure one for just a £47.50 deposit now 🔐

🚌 Public Transport Saver Tickets Explained 🚌

Public Transport Saver tickets give you a discount on the standard price tickets but must be purchased in conjunction with a coach or shuttle pass.. and you’ll need to arrive at the festival by that mode of transport or your ticket will be invalid!

It’s a great thing to do to both lessen your impact on the environment and ease the journey home. As well as the discount and a reason to feel good about yourself; Public Transport Saver tickets also include Wednesday Entry absolutely free! All you have to do is choose a transport option that arrives on Wednesday.


Boomtown Fair


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42 Responses

  1. Bethany Start says:

    Adelle Murie🙀

  2. Helen Bellamy says:

    I’ve emailed again and again and get no reply. Our son would have been 12 when we originally bought his ticket. We were told we would have to pay for him this year but onbvs it was cancelled. I can’t find info anywhere as to where I can add a teen ticket to my order. Please can someone help me?

  3. Aimee Parsons says:

    Jack Chatterton

  4. Ross Harrison says:

    Vanessa Tharby

  5. Lauren Thomas says:

    Callum Mott

  6. Charlee Ludlam says:

    Taylor Cross

  7. Mason Thomas says:

    Jamie Mercer

  8. Hayley Jenkins says:

    Does anyone know if i can get a refund on a teen ticket

  9. Vicki Groombridge says:

    Another disappointing lack of response from constant messaging about applying for disability camping.
    Please guys get a back office that can help promptly. I now have to give the news to 2 boys that the tickets are sold out because we didn’t get any answers

  10. Elise Durand says:


  11. Amelia Cahill says:

    Hey! I’m assuming my 2021 ticket will roll over to next years?

  12. Phoebe Rodgers says:

    Will there be no phase 3 standard tickets to go on sale ?

  13. Gemini Downing says:

    Danny Downing Indy Downing

  14. Boomtown Fair says:

    🚨 Please DO NOT purchase tickets from strangers on Facebook – there have been increased amounts of scam accounts this year 🚨

    We still have PTS tickets or alternatively, you can resell tickets to friends through Ticket Sellers secure resale system.

  15. Offïcer Henry says:

    Anyone still on a hunt for tickets?
    Gutted we can’t go anymore due to personal reasons and I don’t want the tickets to go waste
    If you’re still keen by any chance
    Please flick me a message right away Don’t forget to like my post so i can get notified about your message…thanks🥰❣️

  16. Adam Thomas says:

    Kernow Nathan gonna be a busy one!

  17. Sam Frith-Salem says:

    How have I managed to miss this… gutted. I blame Facebook and it’s algorithms

  18. Katie Mercer says:

    When can I purchase a carer ticket ?

  19. Emily Nottaw says:

    Beth Ransom 💃

  20. El Pee says:

    Jonathan Willcox

  21. Rachel Yates says:

    Tommy Killick wow 🥲

  22. Charlie Lakin says:

    I’ve got a Wednesday entry ticket going for sale dm me, rolled over from 2020 can send proof of purchase/email confirmation of ticketsellers page and changed the name etc on the ticket, no particular reason other than I just do not have it in me to endure boomtown again 😅

  23. Mikey McCarthy says:

    Loz Mulgrew

  24. André Cabeludo says:

    Tiago Koto Coutinho fizemos bem em comprar logo 😊

  25. Carly Jones says:

    Such a bummer that you weren’t offering day tickets for next year. 5 days is just too much for some of us with family’s

  26. Kate Sulman says:

    I have a single Thursday entry ticket for sale, message me if interested!

  27. Anastasia Soteriou says:

    Tommy Rhodes

  28. Max Vigar says:

    Lucy Jell

  29. Vicki Groombridge says:

    SCAMMER AWARE – be warned about Priscilla Rendon

  30. Fabian Ali says:

    Tom Parkinson

  31. Susy Belfort says:

    Josh Belfort 😞

  32. Diane Berti says:

    Solidarity ✌🏼

  33. Tia Tia says:

    Kien Serjeant x

  34. Chloe Sage says:

    Becky Evans it’s ticket time👀

  35. Daniel Cleaton says:

    Michael Johnson we should go here one year! Looks class

  36. Cody Page says:

    Heather Mcpartland we need to get on this asap

  37. Sar Phillips says:

    Shannon Leiha Thompson so glad we’ve got our tickets

  38. Ellie Boswell says:

    Connor Daines

  39. Hannah Gillian Brown says:

    Racine Hopë

  40. Darcie Coombs says:

    Sam Hewitt good job we bagsied these like 10 years ago 🤪

  41. James Davis says:

    Dan Buck

  42. Ollie Cowe says:

    Zack Edwards

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