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Boomtown Fair news: TICKET FRAUD WARNING

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Every year we sadly receive reports of fraudulent tickets and unfortunately this only increases when the event sells out early.
We CANNOT guarantee entry for any tickets not purchased directly through TicketSellers.
This is why we set up our Citizen To Citizen reselling system, to allow you to safely sell and transfer tickets!
πŸ”— Check the link in our bio to read our FAQs on how to utilise the Citizen To Citizen resale.
πŸ‘‡Drop your official TicketSellers resale link in the comments below
Please please only purchase tickets through OFFICIAL TicketSellers resale links and NEVER from a third-party selling site! ❀️

Any comments sharing resale links on other posts or if they appear to be fraudulent will be deleted

Boomtown Fair


27 Responses

  1. Breagha Walker says:

    selling one phase 2 ticket with wednesday upgrade through the official Ticketsellers link ✨ https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/c73c370b31844dda89311e4983085254

  2. Dafydd Green says:

    https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/fdfc6c268f644390a559bc61ebea5b6f, Wednesday arrival + ticket, can remove camp orchid if required

  3. Charlie Lakin says:

    Amy Ralph

  4. Geraldine Ann says:

    Tier 1 festival ticket and public transport ticket for resale via ticket sellers as no longer required x


  5. Kassie Keys says:

    Neil Nige Milbank

  6. Sarah Louise Smee says:

    Phase 2 Thursday entry tickets x3 and one car park pass

  7. Mike Shovel Webber says:

    Karl Fleet glad we got ours as early as we did ❀️❀️ xx

  8. Lauren Owen says:

    I have a public transport Wednesday ticket with shuttle bus available via the official resale!

  9. Neil Nige Milbank says:

    Tier 3 Weekend entry ticket on Ticket sellers


  10. Alisha Drake says:

    I have 2 tickets for sale both with Wednesday upgrade. Message me for more details

  11. Helen Rose says:

    Lizzie Proctor lots in these comments x

  12. Kylie Tranter says:

    Looking for one of these! Will only purchase through ticketsellers link x

  13. Kelly Baker says:

    1 wkend ticket thursday entry plus eco band for sale thru resale


  14. Charlie Lakin says:

    Selling 1 Wednesday entry ticket Β£226.50 with eco bond


  15. Mitzi Holley says:

    Weekend ticket with Wednesday entry and camp orchid wristband


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