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Boomtown Fair news: Something new is coming… Find out more at and follow Wake The Tiger.

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Something new is coming… Find out more at http://wakethetiger.com/ and follow Wake The Tiger. https://www.facebook.com/wakethetiger/videos/1055653021965878/

A mind blowing new story is born, a story fusing deep ancient wisdom with raw, unbounded creativity to create an immersive experience like nothing else on earth! As the creators behind the immersive festival Boomtown fair, we are incredibly excited to finally announce our most ambitious project to date, a seven year dream in the making 💫 Wake The Tiger – the world’s first Amazement Park® Head to our website to discover more… bit.ly/WTTFace #WakeTheTiger

Wake The Tiger


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  1. Wake The Tiger says:

    Big things coming soon 👀✨

  2. Karl Fleet says:

    Mike Shovel Webber

  3. Chris White says:

    Selling ticket + wednesday upgrade through ticket sellers: https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/a6b2fbaac82d4a8787facbbf4064d6ff

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