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Boomtown Fair news: RESALE GOES LIVE AT 7 PM TONIGHT! New! Instalment tickets will be available i

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

RESALE GOES LIVE AT 7 PM TONIGHT! πŸ’« πŸ‘‰ New! πŸ‘ˆ Instalment tickets will be available in the resale for an Β£80 deposit (+ BF & refundable Β£10 Ecobond), with the rest payable by 3rd April. Find all other info you need ahead of this evening here: https://bit.ly/ResaleInfo See you at 7pm! xx

Boomtown Fair


27 Responses

  1. Jess Watson says:

    Mercedes Campbell!!!

  2. Bonnie Roberts says:

    David Johnston

  3. Paul Cain says:


  4. Lauren Bartram says:

    Jodie Martin do ittt

  5. Tracey J Stafford says:

    Jac Glen we need to sort ur ticket out soon. Xx

  6. Jade Johnstone says:

    Siobhan McCarney

  7. Karl Fleet says:

    Matt Tuppenney

  8. Liam Saunders says:

    Loki Saunders

  9. Sam Neyland-Evans says:

    Iestyn Palmer Daniel Lewis-Edwards

  10. Alex Byrne says:

    John Jones

  11. Lydia Harper says:

    James Adler

  12. Kristian May says:

    Kaya Papaya

  13. Ben Sales says:

    Yo! I already have tickets from 2 years ago but didn’t buy a car park ticket where can I find these? Can’t see them on the ticket page? X

  14. Ellie Evans says:

    Tamzin Marie

  15. Jenny Seress says:

    Kyall BrowneπŸ‘€

  16. Charlotte Joy says:

    Danny Slater

  17. Adrian Fisher says:

    Matt Patrick have you managed to sell yours?!

  18. Nikki Noodle says:

    Jem Chan

  19. Joe Phelps says:

    Adam Johnson

  20. Iris Tapper says:

    Shania Ford & Chloe Rice get on it!!

  21. Grace Banks says:

    Alice Murphy

  22. Eliza Compton says:

    Emily Bonds

  23. Tamara Cook says:

    Ellie Cruse X Chelsea Ash

  24. Hannah Smith says:

    Leigh Dyte

  25. Alex Knapman says:

    Was really easy to get tickets tonight

  26. Nick Harris says:

    Alex Knapman

  27. Jony Tones says:

    Stephanie Hatton

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