Boomtown Fair news: Own a share of our new organisation!

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Own a share of our new organisation! 💫
We are excited to open up the option to buy shares in our new company, Wake The Tiger – Amazement Park® in Bristol. A brand new immersive experience.

We have never done anything like this before, it’s a new venture and you can invest for as little as £10, to support us and become part of our creative community.💎 Our ambition is to continue to grow the business over the coming years and provide a strong return on your investment.

The project is an unbelievable seven year dream in the making 🌱, we are proud of how it’s all come together and truly hope our friends and family will join us on the journey.

The progress we are making on site is incredible! This round of funding will ensure we can build an even more amazing experience and add further creative information.

Supporting 100’s of artists and massively complimenting the UK’s creative festival scene, the project is absolutely unbelievable, turning a dream into a reality, which expands on everything we have spent our lives building.🧡

Here is a link to register for the details:

Boomtown Fair


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  1. Mike Shovel Webber says:

    Karl Fleet could be an investment 💪❤️

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