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Boomtown Fair news: Haven’t got your ticket to join us at Chapter One yet!?

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Haven’t got your ticket to join us at Chapter One yet!? 🎫

You’ve got until the end of the month to get your tickets at Phase 2 price, before we have to raise them to Phase 3 in line with the VAT changes… act fast! 🏃‍♀️

It’s also worth noting that we’re running very low on tickets generally with only a handful of standard entry left, after which Public Transport Saver tickets will be the only option remaining. 👀

Standard 5 day tickets are all sold out too, so if you’d like to join us on the Wednesday you’ll have to book a Public Transport Saver ticket with a Wednesday travel option… which does mean you get Wednesday entry free! 👌

Get your tickets here now: https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/tickets/

Rolled over your ticket or purchased one recently?! You’re all good to go and your tickets are now valid for 2022, we’ll be in touch in June with your ticket download. ❤️

Read our latest newsletter here for more details on all these updates:

Boomtown Fair


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41 Responses

  1. Alex Birchenough says:

    Daisie Henson 😏

  2. Abi Katie Courtney says:

    Katheryn Lamb Holly Blundell Harry Harman

  3. Marsha Smith says:

    Jen Smith

  4. Chloe Boocock says:

    Jennie Boocock

  5. Natalie Laydon says:

    Shannon Lea Porter Millie Soper just leaving this here to hint at yous to come join…

  6. Chanel Mclaughlin says:

    Cath N Lew AAARGHH

  7. Matthew Taylor says:

    Daryl Arnold

  8. Dar Ling says:

    Eden Edmisson Brook lets meet up at the roundabout 💃🏻

  9. Dale Summerwill says:

    Brendan Marjoram…

  10. Shaw Joanne says:

    How do i talk to someone about my tickets already purchased for Boomtown last year?

  11. Alex Knapman says:

    Louis Wilson

  12. Bradley Cocksedge says:

    Tom Patrick

  13. Brogan Hunt says:

    Mike Banks can’t wait 😛

  14. Paige Courtney Cox says:

    Finn Hobbis !!!

  15. Danielle Pugh says:

    Zack Pharo

  16. Warren Glynn says:

    Daniel Wilkin

  17. Lauren Davison'x says:

    Adrian Cyra

  18. Katie Barrett says:

    Harriet Tighe

  19. Natasha Sefer says:

    Lauren Hughes

  20. Chrissie Schlank says:

    Max Mob Bolton buy them next pay cheque??

  21. Heenah Malik'Ox says:

    Lizzie Vranic

  22. Sam Pettitt says:

    Ashleigh Brown

  23. Victoria Sear says:

    Rozanna Keeble

  24. Kevin Mullin says:

    Can i buy a public transport ticket for my girlfriend and give her a lift in with me?

  25. Harry Hawcroft says:

    Dom Robinson

  26. Adam Woods says:

    Is boomtown Halloween on this year ?

  27. Elise Durand says:

    Alexandra !!!

  28. Grace Banks says:

    If maybe just maybeeee you wanna come Mike Walsh

  29. Aimee Parsons says:

    Jack Chatterton

  30. Chloe Chandler says:

    Becky Chapman

  31. Tiffany Lucy Evans says:

    Izzy Mere-wai Zein Williams Adam Capela Christian Solon 👀

  32. Sean Owen says:

    India Williams

  33. Kean Derbyshire says:

    Olivia Carmichael Rachael Moorhouse Morgan Barton Phoebe Cartwright

  34. Zoe Chaplin says:

    Liam Huffee

  35. Bethany Burgess says:

    Abbie can we actually go

  36. Callum Akaidere says:

    Josh Stoney Kieran Hall

  37. Cameron Smith says:

    Alex Berbatova

  38. Darren Williams says:

    Neil Varty

  39. Keiron Baker says:

    Tyler Fielding

  40. Mark O'Gorman says:

    Amy Moore still time to get your tickets

  41. Maria Ro Mallette says:

    Becca Gooding IS COMING

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