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Boomtown Fair news: Have your say and win 2x Boomtown 2022 tickets!! ⁠

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Have your say and win 2x Boomtown 2022 tickets!! 📣⁠

Over the last two years we have had our heads down redesigning and fine-tuning the ultimate experience for you in August… ⁠

We wouldn’t still be here today without your incredible support and as with any community, it’s vitally important to us that your voice is heard in our decision making going forward. ⁠

Head here to complete our short 5 minute survey and shape the future of your city ✨⁠


🎪 To be entered into the prize draw you must complete BY SUNDAY 17TH OCTOBER! 🎪⁠


Boomtown Fair


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14 Responses

  1. Katrin Evans says:

    Siannon Rees-Holloway

  2. Ayrton Donovan says:

    Daisy Jane Vass

  3. Ayrton Donovan says:


  4. Keeley Hobson says:

    Heidi Flockhart

  5. Tizmine Aim says:

    🙂 shared

  6. Berry Smith says:

    I have tickets for sell

  7. Tom Greenwood says:

    is it still a small festival. really putting me off

  8. Laura Jones says:

    Josh Allen !

  9. Victoria Sear says:

    Rozanna Keeble

  10. Ian Cleary says:

    Lolo Cleary

  11. Mark Bond says:

    Bring back Boombox ♥️

  12. Hayley Jenkins says:


  13. Emily Hudson says:

    When will the next phase of tickets be released?

  14. Alex Holden says:

    Matthew Taylor Eve Sleep win 2 tickets boii

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