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Boomtown Fair news: Friday night in the city is wild beyond measure.. it’s the very first big night

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Friday night in the city is wild beyond measure.. it’s the very first big night of the festival, when every stage is open and throbbing with vibes… the dance floor fully alive and bouncing.. we will all be together again soon friends 💜❤️

Boomtown Fair


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  1. Daniella Leea Miah says:

    I cant wait to be walking round these winding streets

  2. Kate Pashley says:

    Logan Peers! 😎

  3. Jordan Geary says:

    Bro.. the buzz of Friday night! 🤩😍

  4. Jade Stringfellow says:

    Brooklyn Tasia Paige Wallace must be the Friday night who’s is the start

  5. Mike Shovel Webber says:

    Karl Fleet we get to wander those streets soon enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️ next level.

  6. Dan Mac says:

    Nancy Loveland we should rent a campervan and take Roy to kidstown

  7. Daisy Bee says:

    How funny that I’m just sitting here fully planning and you are bringing the energy! I can’t wait to be there…

  8. Sam Thomas says:

    Marshall Mcadams

  9. Jadey Fry says:

    Amber Beasley

  10. Ez Marianne says:

    Lauren Cooper can’t wait to see you experience your first ever Boom. 😍😍🥳

  11. Kath Herbert says:

    Marc Herbert can’t wait 😍

  12. Stuart Attwood says:

    So there’s 100 stages. All downtown? 🤔

  13. Georgie Burke says:

    Aleasha Bedford 😍

  14. Yvonne Judith says:

    Ollie Benjamin 🤗😘

  15. Brett Herman says:


    official resale ticket, if you buy this one I will paypal you an additional 20 quid thereafter

  16. Ricki Brooker says:

    Got a friend with a resale link if anybody is interested??

  17. Callum Wigley says:

    George Field-Maziere that looks new

  18. Jay Vaisey says:

    Mmmmm… throbbing! 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Marc Herbert says:

    Ryan Bishop

  20. Marc Herbert says:

    Martyn Smith

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