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Boomtown Fair news: For the past month there’s been an indescribable buzz of excitement running thro

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Latest update from Boomtown Fair

For the past month there’s been an indescribable buzz of excitement running throughout the office here in Bristol, the core reasons are something we really wanted to share with you all…

Since leaving the Hampshire hills we have had the mother of all debriefs with the whole team working flat out, collating feedback, reworking and re-structuring every detail that creates the Boomtown experience.

Looking at the whole festival with fresh eyes, we know exactly what didn’t work last year and exactly how to fix it. We can’t wait to implement the changes that will transform your experience and this journey we take together every year xx

Photo by Scott M Salt Photography

Boomtown Fair


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25 Responses

  1. and disgustingly rude security

  2. Ohh like your queuing system that left people waiting 10 hours for entry in blasting heat without water or wc or any assistance from your so called marshals..?

  3. the bloomin sound levels at the main stages liked sector 6, too hell with the policies it’s only 4 days a year:P

  4. All the folks who brought their own high vis to rob people…

  5. Ally McFacer says:

    8 hour queue in the blistering heat with no water or toilets? Could do without that!

  6. And Sector 6 Being too quiet after 11pm, you could here people fart! = not loud enough.

  7. Pablo Denial says:

    Bar staff treated beyond appalling by Freemans, never known anything like it at all, and I’ve worked festivals for years. Punter all the way next year!!

  8. I’ve had a load of ideas on how to improve the experience, where can I email boomtown??

  9. Chris Croker says:

    I know what didn’t work too…. the fucking ticket scanners 😂

  10. Amber Smith says:

    Its too late you’ve put me off for life! I spent a fortune on boomtique, emailed ahead to to explain about my health condition, was reasured it would be fine and I got there to find you were actually planning to kill me off before I even got thru the gates.sorry I’ve Always loved boomtown but felt like a massive rip off this year

  11. Mark Mucker says:

    Remember crowds behave like fluids, keep them flowing. And get some undercover security to beat shit out of the tent thieves…

  12. Sorting the sound out then..

  13. People complaining about no water in the queue…. Have you done a festival before?? Not like you can’t supply your own water…. Can’t expect the organisers to baby sit you lot

  14. Mark Robson says:

    Megan Hunt, Rob Rob John Gambell, Alice Walton, Geoffrey Phillip Hagger, Katie Spragg, finally we get used in some marketing!

  15. Jake Lavan says:


  16. Mell Horn says:

    The 10 hour dangerous queue,
    The aggressive bullying security,
    Stages wasnt loud enough,
    I just hope all them things aint destroyed it for next year

  17. Tom Trimm says:

    Best place on earth 👌

  18. Gary Andrews says:

    Getting in without a 6/7 hour wait would be the major issue

  19. Simon Carter says:

    People complaining about the sound would seemingly rather that Boomtown lost their license entirely I guess. There’s nothing they can do about the council requiring sound levels that don’t piss off the whole of Winchester.

  20. Tommy March says:

    Hi Boomtown! I emailed you a few days ago regarding a uni assignment I’m doing – please take a look if you can 😬

  21. No complaints from me! Best place in the world ❤️

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