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Boomtown Fair news: District Announcements Coming Very Soon

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

👀 District Announcements Coming Very Soon 👀

Chapter One is the start of a new era for Boomtown and we’re counting down the days until we can introduce you to our brand new districts & re-introduce you to a few beloved old favourites…

We’ll be giving you a snapshot of the wonders that await you when those gates are thrown open once again including the details on all the new stages & insights that make up the heart and soul of each district…

The bass will be thundering, the dancefloors will be jumping, and the fantastical characters of Boomtown will roam wild! 💥

We’ll be serving up 2 districts a week from the 21st of February so stay tuned! 📅

Boomtown Fair


21 Responses

  1. Kassie Keys says:

    Sara Keys

  2. Katie Jones says:

    Luke Hewer

  3. Alex Harley says:

    still think not releasing the line up till days before is a shit move though

  4. Codiee Skye says:

    Elly Gowers ahhhhhh

  5. Sophie Parsons says:

    Dayna Wyatt Serena Van Der Woodsen Melanie Anna Katharina Thomas Churches Meisha Kelly Luke Walley Pop Walley Alex Ooi Renée T J McCumber

  6. Rozz Starrs says:

    Ohhh so excited about this 🔥

  7. Adam Riach says:

    🖤🖤🖤 can’t wait

  8. Harriet Matschy says:

    Kate Paxford

  9. Danni Smith says:

    Alyssa Promnitz 🎉

  10. Shell Llewellyn says:

    Luke Greenfield xx

  11. Nay Payling says:

    Josh Yardley-arnoldLaura KeiltyApril Thomas

  12. Pixie Kostr says:


  13. Wendy Cottrell says:

    Natasha Morris

  14. Rachel Moors says:

    Liam Vera Edson

  15. Ruth Elias Jones says:

    Boomtown Fair I just heard from the Boomtown Storyline group – is it true that there isn’t going to be an immersive story this year?? It’s the best part of Boomtown! The thing that makes it really wonderfully magically unique!

  16. Tiago Koto Coutinho says:

    Still not a fan of not releasing the line up until days before the festival. A lot of people go to boomtown not just for DnB or dj sets. And those people are more inclined to only go if the bill suits them. I really hope you are not just doing this to give us a cheap lineup 4 days before, how can a band advertise a show when its secret until a few days before? I am trusting you guys but if this ends up being the reason why you didn’t announce the lineup then I will be gutted.

  17. Mike Shovel Webber says:

    Karl Fleet eeeeeeeeeeee I’m so excited for this!!!!

  18. Derienne Moss says:

    Nicole Wilcock??

  19. Connor O'Shaughnessy says:

    Natasha Alice 🤩

  20. Nicola Faye James says:

    Harry Jones 😬👀

  21. Vicki Haggar says:

    Super excited!!

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