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Boomtown Fair news: A throwback from our good friend and long-standing Citizen @beans.on.toast

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A throwback from our good friend and long-standing Citizen @beans.on.toast
Even though this message was recorded nearly 3 years ago it is still as relevant today as it was back then 💫

In 2019 we saw an incredible 50% reduction in tents and equipment left behind across our main campsites which showed a huge shift in environmental awareness 🌿

This year we want to collectively achieve a 100% reduction.

We’re doing our bit and have shuffled around the campsites to give a better and more spacious experience for everyone with our relaxing and nourishing Campsite Villages in easy reach for all citizens. The eco-warriorz are back in force and stay tuned for more news on ways to win prizes for clean campsites and reusing your tent 👀

You can do your bit by pledging to #TakeYourTentHome! ⛺ It’s as simple as that.

Only bring what you’re going to reuse or consider renting one of our pre-pitched structures on site and together we can make one more step towards a fully #CircularBoomtown.

#BoomtownGreenWeek #TheresNoPlanetB #earthDay

Boomtown Fair

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