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Boardmasters Festival news: Your official #Boardmasters2021 Ticket Resale & Stage Splits have arrived! Choose from……

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Your official #Boardmasters2021 Ticket Resale & Stage Splits have arrived! Choose from…...

Latest update from Boardmasters Festival

Your official #Boardmasters2021 Ticket Resale & Stage Splits have arrived! Choose from…

☀️ Day Tickets
⁠ 👑⁠ VIP Day Tickets
⁠ ✨Boutique + Camping Ticket packages
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Just like lots of our fellow festivals and events, Boardmasters Festival will ask all ticket holders aged 11 and over to demonstrate their COVID-19 status via the NHS COVID Pass upon arrival at the festival gates before entering, by providing ONE of the following:

➡ Proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test taken within 24 hours of arrival at the festival gates (get ordering those free Lateral Flow Tests!)

➡ Proof of being vaccinated with both doses (with the second dose being received at least 14 days before the festival)

➡ Proof of natural immunity following a positive PCR test taken within 180 days of the event (including 10 days self-isolation follow the result)

🏕️ Camping ticket holders will also be required to take a second NHS Lateral Flow Test during the event on Friday 13th August and log their results in the NHS COVID Pass. Camping ticket holders must bring a Lateral Flow Test with them to take at the festival.
Face masks are not compulsory, but they are encouraged and welcomed for those who would prefer to wear them.

Head to https://www.boardmasters.com/info/boardmasters-covid-19-policy-requirements for full details on the Covid Policy.




28 Responses

  1. Sara Davies says:

    Lee Griffin if only! 😭
    We are going next year!!

  2. Abi Brenton no Saturdays 😕

  3. So Just to clarify if you’re camping for the whole 5 days and have proof of both vaccines there is no requirement for you to take a lateral flow pre entrance or during ?

  4. Danny Small says:

    Not impressed with the covid regulations, what a pile of horse shit.

  5. Anyone selling 2 x Thursday after party tickets?

  6. Yvonne YG says:

    That’s most tickets up for re sale then 👀

  7. Olivia Mayo says:

    Only had one jab can I not go ?

  8. Olivia Mayo says:


  9. Halle Ellis says:

    Macey Leigh Jones read what we need to do before going

  10. Who cares about the COVID regulations? That’s a fucking sick lineup? Buzzing for this

  11. Boardmasters 2021 (Official Event Page) I’ve just seen the Wednesday and Thursday parking requirements. It says all arrivals on these days by car have to book a 1 hour slot and also pay another £22.50. Firstly, does this apply to Charger ticket holders, and secondly if this is the case how can anyone predict the hour they will get there? Driving from the Midlands can take 4 to 5 hours, but when Boardmasters is on you can spend over an hour just getting from the A30 to the campsite 🤷‍♂️

  12. Owen Hallett says:

    Guy Luke Sam it’s decent

  13. What a fuckin shit line up

  14. Kelly Morgan says:

    Debbie Morgan Saturday tickets 😬

  15. Tom Dummer says:

    Andrew Dummer go for a day?

  16. Guy James says:

    Tia Burrell day ticket 👀

  17. Matt Myatt says:

    When’s the resale?

  18. how do we go about getting a refund as I shall not be consenting to any of your covid requirements which werent in place when i bought my tickets. and the rest of you that do comply with this bullshit be well aware you are digging your own graves

  19. Anyone who’s interested in tickets My wife and I won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Dm me

  20. Meg Victoria says:

    Caitlin just saying

  21. Senior Jenko says:

    So if we have no co vid vaccination we are not aloud in even with a natural flow test?

  22. Holly Mills says:

    I have 2 x 3 days tickets for sale

  23. Ginene Carol says:

    Nick Rother read the comments x

  24. Selling 2 tickets, if you’re still looking

  25. Lewis Cooke says:

    If we were to test positive on a lateral flow just before the event will we be refunded? Wouldn’t exactly be great paying £200+ for a ticket just to miss out & lose that money..

  26. How do you get board masters to reply to messages. My daughter has been trying for two weeks to get hold of them. She wants to resale her tickets.

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