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Boardmasters Festival news: Rumour has it swell’s arrived… ⁠…

Rumour has it swell's arrived...  ⁠...

Latest update from Boardmasters Festival

Rumour has it swell’s arrived… 🌊 ⁠

#Boardmasters #SeeYouAtTheBeach #SurfersAgainstSewage




3 Responses

  1. David Hooley says:

    Pity a response to the enquiries I’ve made on your online enquiry form hasn’t ! Still haven’t had a response from you or see tickets regarding you sending out my 5 day camping ticket with a face value of £14 on leaving me unable to sell it on Tixel leaving me £184 pound out of pocket !

  2. Amy Vass says:

    when camping tickets come out on monday, do the weekend non camping tickets also come out?

  3. Clare Mc Cullough-tate says:

    Surfers against sewage…. Hypocrisy from boardmasters following the disgusting way you managed the festival!!! Human sewage evident when I picked up my covid ridden daughters!!!!

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