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Bluedot Festival news: So excited to announce bluedot 2022. Three years in the making, revealed Tuesday…

Latest update from Bluedot:

So excited to announce bluedot 2022. Three years in the making, revealed Tuesday 6pm. 💙

Bluedot Festival



20 Responses

  1. Chris Taubert says:

    Tame impala???

  2. Danni Losh says:


  3. David Castle says:

    Can’t wait. Had our tickets since 2019. Really hoping The Smile are there . Can’t wait for Bjork. Moby and David Byrne would be great

  4. Paul Cooper says:

    Hopefully a massive EDM Saturday night headliner 🤞

  5. Barbara Ramsbottom says:

    You should cram all previous musicians,artists and speakers into this year 😉

  6. Richard Atherton says:

    So, it’s a new line-up?

  7. Dave Davey Davedave says:

    Katie Jenkins can we go can we? Björk will be doin her thang plus loads of other fun nerdy stuff 🤓

  8. Steven Williams says:

    I really hope you didn’t book Meatloaf, cos I’ve got some bad news… 😬

  9. Margaret Harrison says:

    My ticket’s got whiskers on! Bring it on!

  10. Emma Davies says:

    Cannot wait to hear the line-up

  11. Rob Oddy says:

    As Long as there is NO Bjork.

  12. Sparky Sparks says:

    Accessibility at Bluedot peeps? What have you found?

  13. HyperFresh RAW says:


  14. Phil Atwill says:

    What dates is it?

  15. Phil James says:

    The Lathums would be awesome.

  16. David Castle says:

    Mogwai have self confirmed

  17. Nev Anevaland says:

    The C The H The E The M The I The C The A The L The Brothers😁 please can we have jedward

  18. Leighroy Marsh says:

    Utah Saints and Shamen would definitely clear my sinuses

  19. Annabel Price says:

    I loved Daniel miller i hope he’s back again

  20. Ellen Rosa Yeowart says:

    The Slow Readers Club…🙏

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