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Bloodstock Festival news: Who are they listening to? Wrong answers only…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Who are they listening to? Wrong answers only

Bloodstock Festival


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30 Responses

  1. Adam Godders Godwin says:

    S club juniors puppy love

  2. Richard Wall says:

    Rolf Harris

  3. Abi Snail says:

    Miley cyrus obvs

  4. Angelina Uebach says:

    Church service

  5. Al Hornsby says:

    The Neighbours theme. But from, like, 1988 or something. The Charlene & Jason era.

  6. Simon Boyes says:

    Boy george

  7. John Nen Overbury says:

    Human music

  8. Nigel Aston says:

    Rick Astley, Never gonna give you up of course

  9. Richard Purves says:

    Hanson. Mmmmbop

  10. Tim Milne says:

    ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney’ – specifically they are doing the actions: ‘achoo, achoo, achoo!’

  11. Louise Norrie says:

    Wrong direction I mean one direction

  12. Tom Andrews says:

    Ozzy Osbourne, because he’s always cancelling.

  13. William Hill says:

    Tom jones

  14. Lizzie Cockayne says:

    The Paw Patrol theme song, followed by 8 minutes of a toddler screaming.

  15. Marco Almeida says:

    Miley and Metallica

  16. Liam Blaney says:

    The Carpenter’s , obviously….!!

  17. Katie Cakey Barr says:


  18. James Milne says:

    No-one. Just getting their neck warm-ups in like responsible adults.

  19. Chris Jarvis says:

    Kid rock – sad but true

  20. Leah Jade Elson-smith says:

    Make you feel my love…….. they’re wishing there was a wall

  21. Kay KC says:

    Miley Cyrus! Slow mo *I came in like a wrecking ball*

  22. Alex Gartside Norris says:

    Five finger death punch obviously 😂😂😂

  23. Graham Hargreaves says:

    either all saints supporting metallica or nicole lacey supporting status quo, Dale Nicholson

  24. Russell Brooks says:

    “Your call is very important to us, you are number 2068 in the queue, please hold the line, and one of our receptionist will be with you shortly”

  25. AimeeCleworth AllanBoden says:

    Yoko Ono spoken word poetry on her interpretation of the state of the British economy and interpretive dance on what it is like to Boris Johnsons’ hair.

  26. Andy Blackwell says:

    Justin beiber

  27. Ryan Handyside says:

    Glee version of Don’t Stop Believing

  28. 지연 says:

    Metallica – Mama said

  29. Robert May says:

    The voices in their heads!

  30. Robert Onslow Foster says:

    Miley Cyrus

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