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Bloodstock Festival news: Which Bloodstock artists have you crowd surfed the most to?…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Which Bloodstock artists have you crowd surfed the most to? 🀘

Bloodstock Festival



26 Responses

  1. George Headbanger says:


  2. Nathan Harwood says:

    What actually happens to crowd surfers when they go over the barrier? A friend of mine said they get escorted back in the standing area but I reckon they actually get taken out back and shot

  3. Spenny Bullen says:

    None! I’m in my fifties now and have not weighed under 17 stone for decades; it would be bloody unfair to the rest of the crowd.

  4. Robert Ellis says:

    I crowd surfed for Cradle and lost my Apple Watch πŸ˜‚

  5. David Hodge says:

    I’m far to 18st for that nonsense πŸ˜‚

  6. Kim Plunkett says:

    I’ve only ever once crowd-surfed and that was during Alice Cooper’s set in 2012. I was 52 years old! Awesome 🀟

  7. Freyr Holcombe says:

    It’s got to be municipal waste

  8. Scott Rattigan says:

    Testament BOA17 & Kreator last year. Don’t remember a single from Kreator since I spent the entire time in a crowd surf rotation πŸ˜…

  9. Alan Melia says:

    If Acid Reign isn’t the answer then people aren’t being truthful. Facts.

  10. Tom Lucas-Wright says:

    Municipal Waste for sure! πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Then Kreator last year

  11. Wayne Jones says:

    I’m 20st.. I daren’t try!

  12. Matty 'Spatty' Longden says:

    Gojira! Love that flying feeling πŸ‹

  13. Sheldon Webster says:

    Parkway drive 2019 πŸ’ͺ🀘 cracking night

  14. Luke Moseley says:

    Probably Municipal Waste

  15. Pete Matthews says:

    While she sleeps 8 times

  16. Robin Doughty says:

    I don’t do crowd surfing. Seems like a fine way to accidentally crack someone on the head with my boot.

  17. Jobey Walker says:

    Too many to mention 🀣.. But this was during acid reign πŸ’ͺ

  18. Zin Chong Viktor Voong says:

    Cannibal Corpse 2015… twice haha

  19. Dave Ingham says:

    Far too old to crowd surf at Bloodstock but once did it at Reading during Soundgarden back in the day ! πŸ˜‰

  20. Aleksandra Helena Hogg says:

    Judas Priest

  21. Cat Finch says:

    Never too old for a surf!
    It’s not Bloodstock if you don’t 🀘

  22. Luke Redman-Gray says:

    Due to health reasons, I’d rather not risk getting dropped on my head, so I’ll stick to Terra Firma and run around like a headless chicken in the circle pit πŸ˜…

  23. Rich Parker says:

    I managed around 14 during At the gates one year

  24. Braden Leon Mulholland says:

    I only ever crowd surfed once- it was to Gloryhammer last year. I only did it as I was starving and it was the quickest way to the noodle bar πŸ₯‘🀘

  25. Russell Brooks says:

    Napalm Death the only band I surf to now cos I’m old 🀘🀣🀘

  26. Ash Cotterill says:

    Did it to Lamb Of God when I broke my foot in the pit 🀣 and Raised By Owls !!!

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