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Bloodstock Festival news: Today is the 14th anniversary of Sophie’s death. I am grateful that so many people join with us, in …

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Today is the 14th anniversary of Sophie’s death. I am grateful that so many people join with us, in remembering her today.

The Foundation and our work is her legacy and we have truly tried to turn hate into hope.

We think of her today and are very sad that because of other people’s actions, she did not have the chance to live the life she should have had.

But we remember her shining light and her laughter and we are grateful that we had her in our lives.

Love and Light,
Sylvia Lancaster

#SophieLancaster #SophieLancasterFoundation

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation


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26 Responses

  1. Shaz Stubbs says:

    God bless ya Sophie x

  2. Jasmine Louise says:

    Rock in peace Sophie 🤘🏽🖤

  3. Kai Kinder says:

    keep me a spot next to Lemmy <3

  4. Steven Butterworth says:

    The sophie stage at Bloodstock is such a fitting tribute. My thoughts always turn to her when watching the bands on that stage.

  5. Tim Powell says:

    Thinking of you x

  6. Bridgett Talbot says:


  7. Simon Moore says:

    Gone but never forget. R.I.P. Sophie.

  8. Ross Evans says:

    I can’t believe how quickly that time goes.

  9. Laura Brosnan-James says:

    Wearing this today to remember 🖤

  10. Osvaldo Ballesteros says:


  11. Debbie Finch says:

    R. I. P. Sophie

  12. Darren Kevin says:

    RIP Sophie can’t believe it’s been 14 years

  13. Abigail Sharples says:

    R.I.P Sophie , such a sweet girl, gone but not forgotten x

  14. Linda Thompson says:

  15. Michael Simpson says:

    R.I.P sophie

  16. Kim Mountford says:

    RIP Sophie will be thinking of you today 💔

  17. Samantha Copley says:

    I remember writing a paper about her when I was in school. I forget the prompt. But I knew when I read her story I had to choose her.

  18. Pete Moore says:


  19. Peter Townsend says:

    It was terrible what happened to her, what you do is wonderful and keeps her memory alive.

  20. Kim Plunkett says:

    Thinking of Sophie, her family and friends today.

  21. Billy Burns says:

    R. I. P.

  22. Ian Harrison says:


  23. Nathan Bellwood says:

    Why do yous book racists n paedophiles to play and even headline the stage named “Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere” then

  24. Tulisa Junior Docherty says:

    So so sad 😭 thought and prayer going to the family and friends xxcx

  25. Dawn Culham says:

    Bless her ❤

  26. Jassmine Maduro says:

    R.I.P Sophie. Gone but never forgotten forever and always in my heart. We miss you everyday. Love you forever and always 🖤🖤

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