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43 Responses

  1. Leigh Walsh says:

    Playing Metal2themasses in Dublin this weekend, hoping for the chance to play Bloodstock this year

  2. Education is always key to moving forward. Well done Vicki and the Bloodstock family got you 💕💕

  3. Gina Godfrey says:

    I don’t understand how it couldn’t be seen as hate even if it’s joking. Putting emails in the bin if it has pronouns… what was the intent?

  4. Rick Walker says:

    Appreciate the accountability. Well done on educating yourself and growing. Shows character and it’s really refreshing to see

  5. I’m just happy you have learned and have taken responsibility so big love for that 🙂

  6. Everyone makes mistakes Vicky. Good on you for learning from it ❤❤❤

  7. Sctt McKnzie says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets things wrong. Admitting a mistake, learning from it and becoming a better person for it is what you do, it’s how we grow to be better people 💪🏻

  8. Neil Jones says:

    Respect for your approach to the learning element of this and treating it with the seriousness it deserves.

  9. Penny Davies says:

    I hope that the compost toilets aren’t back this year, I like to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but they were horrendous!

  10. Fred Bettis says:

    always love seeing the bloodstock truck driving outside my window in spondon

  11. Everytime ive been bloodstock everyone been so nice call it my home away from😈😈😈

  12. Going to Nottingham on Saturday to see some of the MTTM bands

  13. Matt Hayday says:

    M2TM is fantastic. The enthusiasm at any of those shows is always electric

  14. Dave Gittins says:

    Nice to see you both again, last year was a belter, I think this year is going to be better

  15. Oh a Bloodstock twitch I didn’t know about that 😂

  16. Sctt McKnzie says:

    Will there a large pole to clingfilm a variety of animals to? Largest animal of the day wins a prize?

  17. I went in the gallery the first time last year and it was awesome

  18. Sara Bromley says:

    It will be me and my bf’s first ever Bloodstock ( his first proper festival) can..not..wait

  19. Bunny chow is a hollowed put giant crusty bread roll filled with chilli then the bread is toasted and put back on too for scooping

  20. Liisa Clark says:

    Thankyou for last year’s Bloodstock. It was emotional being back xxxx

  21. Rob Camp says:

    Already planning to! Been in ’19 and ’21 with Festaff! Really recommend it 🙂

  22. Kev Stewart says:

    Are VIP ticket holders going to get a T-shirt as it didn’t ask for a size when I bought it. Bigger selection of larger please. 🤘🍺

  23. Sctt McKnzie says:

    Rocky could knock a cow out with one punch

  24. Rosie Smith says:

    Lilleys lemon and lime cider is amazing! And definitely needed more of it!

  25. Steven May says:

    Malevolence were amazing supporting While She Sleeps in sheffield last month.

  26. Rachael Pye says:

    Are there going to be more toilets in the arena this year? Queues were crazy last year, even during bands playing when it’s usually not too bad.

  27. Sam Swales says:

    Can we FINALLY get The Haunted for next year? Not going this year due to rescuing a dog and not wanting to leave her for that long 😕

  28. It wasn’t clear at the festival site where to take used tents for recycling

  29. we are not doing click and collect this year but will have a small amount of pre festival merch coming up for sale shortly.

  30. M2TM Manchester here and loving this 😍

  31. Nick Houlton says:

    Suicidal Tendencies would be good to have back. And Clutch of course

  32. Definitely not just Mansfield, had some in Frimley!

  33. Rob Camp says:

    The Milton Keynes concrete cows are awesome!

  34. could we have better toilets and a food stall in the quiet camping field this year

  35. Just woke up from an aggressive power nap what have I missed. Great to see you both again.

  36. Kieran Galt says:

    Parkway drive every year would be ideal

  37. Bloodstock string bags would be cool for when you buy a few tshirts on merch stand 👍

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