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Bloodstock Festival news: Such a sad day for many Rock and Metal fans, Meat Loaf was one of those artists who many of us fir…

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Such a sad day for many Rock and Metal fans, Meat Loaf was one of those artists who many of us first heard and were probably instrumental in us falling in love with our genre.
RIP Meat Loaf

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  1. JC Berdoo says:

    🛑 OMG so sad to seeing.Meat Loaf passing away R.I.P.

  2. RIP, big Inspiration for me such a talented soul🖤🖤🖤

  3. Yep, was about 7 when my mum pinched Bat Out of Hell off her sister. That cassette lived in our car and definitely one of the albums that shaped my music tastes. My only regret is renouncing myself as fan when I became a teen and discovered Death Metal.

  4. R.i.p Meat Loaf u was an amazing man and your music is brilliant u will be missed so so much😭💔

  5. Rebecca Dix says:

    A legend who was my gateway to better music for sure. A great loss 😔

  6. Jax Woon says:

    “I understand. In death a member of project mayhem has a name. His name is Robert Paulson”

    His name is Robert Paulson
    His name is Robert Paulson
    His name is Robert Paulson!

  7. Woody Swires says:

    Oh no – Bat 🦇 out of hell a classic Album 💿

  8. A proper legend, bat out of hell was in my cassette player every week as a kid, really inspired my music taste 🦇 R.I.P Meat Loaf

  9. Bat out of Hell 2 was the first rock album I was bought as a kid at 9 or 10. Absolutely loved it and love for alternative music went from there. RIP Meat Loaf ✌

  10. Absolutely. Great songs and an entry point for many younger fans to get into rock and metal. I was one of them.

  11. Such sad news. I had the cassette of Bat Out Of Hell. Brilliant album

  12. Jay Owen says:

    Absolutely. I had a copied cassette tape of Bat out of Hell 2 as a child and listened to that almost non-stop. It still gives me great memories even today.

  13. Fin Dray says:

    I remember as a very tiny child thinking that Bat Out Of Hell was the heaviest and most insane thing that could ever exist. I was wrong obviously but I’m so glad I followed up and found out how wrong I was

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