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Bloodstock Festival news: PUNK ROCK FACTORY – Live Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2021

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Punk Rock Factory full #BOA21 set 🔥 https://youtu.be/2xCpJZ7ztV4

PUNK ROCK FACTORY – Live Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2021

Bloodstock Festival



10 Responses

  1. Matt Watson says:

    oh sweet, can finally watch these, had my phone pickpocketed during this set

  2. Ben Jammin Semple says:

    That’s my entertainment for tonight sorted.

  3. Callum Mawson says:

    I remember tagging along with some people to go see this, remember brief flashes of the set, next thing I know I’ve woken up sat against the wall outside serpents lair 🤣

  4. Tasha Childs says:

    Please can we have Punk Rock Factory back again this year?

  5. Conrad Barnes says:

    This was awesome

  6. Florence Miller says:

    That was a fab set. One of my favourites of the whole festival

  7. Scott Moffat says:

    They certainly sounded better after a day of drinking 😂

  8. Amanda Caulfield says:

    Thank you Bloodstock, one of my highlights for sure 🤘🖤

  9. Jac Thomas says:

    Mark Wilson SING ALONG MARK

  10. JJ Fisk says:

    Jade Stevie Lovelock Andrew Trewin Please send this to Miguel. I’m sure he’d love to relive this! 😂 X

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