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Bloodstock Festival news: #Maythe4thBeWithYou Bloodstockers…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

#Maythe4thBeWithYou Bloodstockers 🀘

Bloodstock Festival



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  1. Mikki Beresford says:

    This is a photo i took at Bloodstock 2018 😁

  2. Jimmy Pugh says:

    Ani’s favourite band is Vader

  3. Neil Morrison says:

    I got told “Banter Police – No” by a work colleague when I wished everyone happy Star Wars day. What do I do with the body?

  4. Cal Neathway says:

    Not a smile in sight 🀣

  5. Emmie Boo says:

    Awesome! John Pattinson

  6. Mark Wollington says:

    You are part of the Metal alliance and a headbanger…. Take her away!

  7. Debbie Chuck Falce Ahlborn says:

    “I will see you all again soon”

  8. Adam Scholey says:

    One of the most awkward crowd surfers to get down mainly cos I don’t want to damage his costume! Hilarious every time! 🀘

  9. Aleksandra Helena Hogg says:

    I think is time to invite Vader πŸ™‚

  10. Michael Atedgi Tarik says:


  11. Paul Golding says:

    Don’t you just love him though

  12. Jpr Rodgers says:

    Awesome picture rock onthe dark side

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