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Bloodstock Festival news: It’s the weekend! Which was your favorite band from yesterday’s announcement?…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

It’s the weekend! 🤘 Which was your favorite band from yesterday’s announcement? 🔥

Bloodstock Festival



44 Responses

  1. Rhys Davies says:


  2. Sarah Owen says:

    ill Nino!

  3. Kristian Dobson says:


  4. John Scott says:

    None to be honest I found it very disappointing but hopefully there will be something for me In the next announcement

  5. Mark Emery says:

    ill Nino and cattle Decap being moved up

  6. Adam Derry says:

    Avatar, Ill Nino and Baest for me

  7. Nigel Aston says:

    Got to be Avatar with a notable mention for Vended

  8. Caroline Senior says:

    Cage fight

  9. Jack Scarlett says:

    BAEST 👌

  10. Dylan Ince says:

    Avatar but I’m also really glad thrown into exile were announced as I’ve wanted to see them for a while

  11. Wayne Tinnion says:


  12. Scott Rattigan says:

    Desert Storm

  13. Ben Molter says:

    Ill nino for nostalgia 🤘

  14. Pudz Jay says:

    I’m fuming that Phil Anselemo isn’t preforming. Been gassing myself up for months now.

  15. Carl CM White says:

    Definitely avatar but I’m looking forward to checking out the rest

  16. Mark Kempo says:

    Definitely red method

  17. Vincent Hyde says:

    Avatar! I’m so freaking excited! <3

  18. Ashley Shaw says:

    Avatar, vended and ill nino (just to see how the new lineup does with the old material).

  19. Olivia Vince says:

    Best thing about the announcement is no White Power Phil

  20. Harry West says:

    Avatar and Red Method!

  21. Mark Broadbent says:

    Avatar and Pupil Slicer

  22. Brian Healy says:

    Sorcerer…. might actually come down for this now.

  23. Charlie Hill says:

    Pupil Slicer for sure. Properly underrated band.

  24. Lee Wilkinson says:

    Baest 🤘

  25. Jeff Clark says:

    Skarlett Riot, Red Method, Ill Nino,
    I love most stuff.
    I discovered Red Method on the Sophie stage in 2019 and they absolute killed it.
    Skarlett Riot I highly recommend if you like Amaranthe.
    Ill Nino I last saw support either Machine Head or Soulfly years ago. Will be great to see again.
    I need to check out Avatar as I know of them but not heard anything by yet

  26. Sonia Buchanan says:

    Avatar no question, so happy here! 🤘

  27. Mrk Gladwell says:


  28. Dan Hiscox says:

    Good to see Ill Nino again

  29. Dan Hiscox says:

    Any chance in Jungle Rot and Pig Destroyer being booked?

  30. Daniel Barbu says:

    Sacred Reich ’90 🤘🤘👍

  31. Owen Hill says:

    Avatar of course!!!

  32. Andy Lovatt says:


  33. Joseph Eden says:

    Baest, probably one of the best announcements this year

  34. Tony Welch says:


  35. Fiona Povey says:

    Il nîno

  36. Pete Adamson says:

    Ill Nino tbhhh loved em for yeeears!!

  37. Timmy Norman says:

    I’ll Nino

  38. Pete Matthews says:

    I’m not really familiar with any of the new added bands

  39. Mik Trendell says:

    Desert Storm

  40. Bradley Cassidy says:

    Red Method also Cattle Decap upgrade to main stage!!!

  41. Andy Salt says:

    Didn’t really know of a lot of them..and the one’s I did know I can’t say I really like… so may find something cool new to me !

  42. Darryl King says:

    Guilt trip!!!

  43. Holly Herbert says:

    Avatar and ill nino 💜🤘

  44. Alan Shipley says:

    Skarlett Riot !they are awesome ‘live’!

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