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Bloodstock Festival news: It’s the month of Halloween Bloodstockers! What’s YOUR favorite scary movie..?…

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It’s the month of Halloween Bloodstockers! 🎃 What’s YOUR favorite scary movie..?

Bloodstock Festival


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30 Responses

  1. Lee Scally says:

    halloween easily

  2. Andreea Oprea says:

    first SAW

  3. Dave Hanlon says:

    Showgirls. Absolutely frightening.

  4. Anne Paterson says:

    Snow White. Change my mind.

  5. Arttu Holm says:

    Jaws, The Objective, Rogue, Cloverfield & Prince Of Darkness

  6. Robert Read says:

    I see u 👀 Becky x

  7. Kerry Riley says:

    Anything with zombies

  8. Adie Tre says:

    A full play through of ‘Atmosfear’ on VHS whilst on Acid. Would not recommend.

  9. Tom George-Boys says:

    As you can see here I was running from Michael Myres 🤣🤣

  10. Fay Johnson says:

    Not a horror film in the traditional sense, but the BBC TV mini-series ‘Threads’ about a nuclear war seen through the lives of people in Sheffield. That’s one film/programme that still scares me, never mind the supernatural stuff.

  11. Conrad Barnes says:

    The amityville horror

  12. Michael Scott says:

    Woman in black 🥴

  13. Carol Wood says:

    The Birds by Hitchcock. You are wary of crows for days after!!

  14. Hans David Mills says:

    The thing 🙏

  15. Shane Shaggy Allingham says:

    Halloween 78 🔪🎃

  16. Eric Hill says:


  17. Rhys Jenkins says:

    Halloween 1978 all day everyday best horror movie

  18. Jessica Elston says:

    Baby Shark in Space – kids ask for it every day. I can’t handle it anymore.

  19. Stewart Souter says:

    Event horizon

  20. Valerie Grimshaw says:

    Not a movie yet but the book ‘State of Fear’ by Michael Crichton

  21. Owen Ashley Warr says:

    Event horizon

  22. Aidan Flynn says:

    Candyman (1992)

  23. Keith Hughes says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth.

  24. Dean Reading says:

    Sound of music

  25. Mark Murfett says:


  26. Andrew Doyles-Selvidge says:


  27. Chelsey Hillier says:

    Vicki’s transphobic posts

  28. Alan North says:

    Watership down 🙁

  29. Brett Anderson says:

    That movie with a cabin in the woods, can’t remember what it’s called though

  30. Ewan Reid says:

    The mini series of Salems lot with David Soul. Absolutely shat myself aged 11.

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