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Bloodstock Festival news: DEVIN TOWNSEND – Kingdom – Bloodstock 2021

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Devin Townsend – Kingdom – Bloodstock 2021

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DEVIN TOWNSEND – Kingdom – Bloodstock 2021

Bloodstock Festival


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14 Responses

  1. Andy Fearnley says:

    Somewhat strange set…

  2. Steve Moomin-Jenkins says:

    Absolutely, mind bogglingly awesome! The logistics, the effort and the execution was stunning!

  3. Maria-Alexandra De Souza says:

    Absolutely amazing! Loved every minute of it! 🤩

  4. Tasmin Armel Duggan says:

    I cried watching this live, my favourite devin song

  5. Stuart Morrison says:

    Bloody majestic!

  6. Rossco Ross says:

    I was front and almost central for his set

  7. Colin James Salt says:

    Amazing 🙂

  8. Lisa Coleman says:

    Epicly beautiful! 🤘🥰🌈🎸

  9. Andy S Mürray says:

    Best show I’ve seen at Bloodstock to date! 👌

  10. Michelle Dent says:

    The song that broke me. Was a blubbering mess. Such a perfect performance. Devin never disappoints 🙂

  11. Nigel Aston says:

    To call the set he put on epic would be doing it a disservice.

  12. Cath Minion says:

    Whole set, amongst amazing Bloodstock community made 2021 for me, magical and emotional night. Thank you Devin, and Bloodstock Festival for bringing the best of humanity together through your music. 🖤

  13. Thunderous Jones says:

    What. A. Show. 🖤

  14. Paul Pierre Locke says:

    Amazing night, happiest night for quite a while, thank you Bloodstock

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