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Bloodstock Festival news: CRADLE OF FILTH – Crawling King Chaos – Bloodstock 2021

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Cradle of Filth – Crawling King Chaos – Bloodstock 2021

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CRADLE OF FILTH – Crawling King Chaos – Bloodstock 2021

Bloodstock Festival


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10 Responses

  1. Vic Toria says:

    This was so much fun live 🖤

  2. Chris Martin says:

    What’s up with that fella’s voice?

  3. Rick Walker says:

    oh man I love caaaah doo kerrr oooo carrr errrrrrs da da da durrr

  4. Kim Mountford says:

    Noooooo they gave me a migraine 😂

  5. Jack Bunn says:

    “AHHHHHH” – Dani Filth 2021

  6. Cam Grady says:

    Dani Filth eats out of bins, pass it on.

  7. Steven Clark says:


  8. David Thompson says:

    Great set I enjoyed it

  9. Elric Sullivan says:

    Cradle of Cringe

  10. Eddie Wolf Bowdery says:

    I just don’t get how people can listen to this stuff? I mean, I’m not judging. I’ve even tried to get into it but just can’t.

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