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Bloodstock Festival news: Caption this ….. Photo credit Katja Ogrin…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Caption this ….. Photo credit Katja Ogrin

Bloodstock Festival


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39 Responses

  1. Zammit Paul says:

    A fine example of bloodstock flossing…

  2. Neïly Bhöy Fïndlay says:

    …and this is how we give birth heavy metal style!!

  3. Jason F Wright says:

    Take a look at my little friend!

  4. Ian Gregory says:

    When you cba to give your meat a good ol’ rub

  5. Luke Harwood says:

    The security were very thorough with their illegal substance searches this year

  6. Kate Carter says:

    I don’t believe that’s the correct way to do a prostate examination!!!

  7. Dafydd Llewelyn-jones says:

    It was a normal day for Brian “054” Smith. Then suddenly things take an unexpected turn.

  8. Katy Keyworth says:

    Taint bloodstock without steward #054

  9. Alice Harker says:

    I didnt sign up to check mens meat and two veg out!

  10. Nigel Taylor says:

    This was the first time Teabagging featured at the Olympics.

  11. Rich Price says:

    I don’t care what Ainsley Harriot advises, could you please exit the tent to the right.

  12. Steve Dempsey says:

    Security Guy 69 was on his break

  13. Kevin Blair says:

    ‘Order 54…Big mac with cheese…’

  14. Ben Freeston says:

    When you are number 54 but end up giving someone a 69

  15. Ben Chandler says:

    Competition for teabagger of 2021 has been extremely high.

  16. Neil Dean says:

    You might run out of biscuits, at the festival.
    But there will always be teabags.

  17. Jack King says:

    Gammon meets groin

  18. Veronika Minasianc says:

    There’s uranus! 😀

  19. Greg Neath says:


  20. Pete Todd says:

    Bad impression of Ryu’s Spin kick.

  21. Gareth Sergio Shipley says:

    Hammer smashed face…. 🤣

  22. David Lucas says:

    A picture perfect Pop-Up Powerbomb at Bloodstock!

  23. Mik Trendell says:

    Even after 3 days at a festival , Lenor still smells fresh

  24. Cal Neathway says:

    *inaudible muffled words

  25. Brian Maloney says:

    When he asked for a tea bag that’s not what he envisioned

  26. Penny Newton-Norris says:

    The baby needs to be brought out via forceps delivery….brace yaself!

  27. Matthew Stuart Giles Sartin says:

    I didn’t think much of the sausage lunch the company provided.

  28. Abbey Ryder says:

    security guy 054 regret not phoning in sick 😂

  29. Danielle Hawkins says:

    You can’t beat a good smell of blue cheese said the security guard.

  30. Marc Jackson says:

    “Have a smell of me sweaty knackers mate”

  31. Matthew Perfect says:

    Do these smell of bananas?

  32. Daggy Eksund says:

    So glad my stomi bag are back at the hotell…

  33. Maz Smith says:

    O69 was on his sausage break

  34. Novelle Laurent Wallace says:

    Bring on next year myself and Mark Jones want the same team

  35. Tom Davies says:

    When steve spotted the one security not vibing, he decided a swift hurricanrana was in order.

  36. Wayne Jones says:

    That’s the last time I try the sausage based on the recommendation of a tshirt..

  37. David Aston says:

    Make way for Willie

  38. Jason Hicks says:

    Frank had misheard & thought it was called a Nosh Pit.

  39. Samwise J Forrester says:

    Keep pushing! I can see the head

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