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Bloodstock Festival news: Borstal Hitting the main stage at #BOA21 Were you in the pit for this?…

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Borstal 🤘 Hitting the main stage at #BOA21 🔥 Were you in the pit for this?

Bloodstock Festival


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11 Responses

  1. Gavin Davies says:

    They were great.

  2. Wayne Tinnion says:

    Hungover to fuck, dragged ourselves out of our pitd for it!

  3. Paul Fazza Fairley says:

    Loved these guys! I managed to have a chat to them in the dressing room area after! They were great guys

  4. Aileen Sumner says:

    Went to Bloodstock this year mainly to see em, wasn’t disappointed wore my good old Last Resort tee was sooooo glad that Oi (now rebranded as hardcore) is finally mainstage where it should be! Canny wait till they play wales!!

  5. Victoria Parker says:

    Knowing me, probably soused

  6. Valerie Grimshaw says:

    Awesome set.🤘

  7. Stephen Dulson says:

    Cracking set – impressively together!

  8. Martyn Wingrove says:

    yep – great set

  9. Mark Harris says:

    Really impressed me, definitely be following their career

  10. Simon Green says:


  11. Christopher Handley says:

    I really enjoyed these, good stuff 👍

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