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#bloodstockbeast – Selfie Competition

Congratulations to Mike Smith – winning today’s Bloodstock Beast Selfie Competition.

If you could contact webmaster@bloodstock.uk.com and he will look after you.

Keep those #BloodstockBeast Selfies coming a new winner will be selected tomorrow.

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  1. Kay Beth says:

    The 3 stages of a Bloodstock day:

    Wake up…go crazy….go to sleep

    Tom Cox

  2. #bloodstockbeast After last years bloodstock 5 days of drinking and metal, two of my girls were a little knackered. Featured Rosie Andrews and Dotty

  3. Kyle Teale says:


  4. Cal Neathway says:


  5. Steve Scott says:

    #bloodstockbeast Recieving a headbutt of “love” from our hound candy 🤣❤️

  6. We are here to drink your beer 🍺 this is Sabbath our #bloodstockbeast

  7. Lorna Smith Mike Smith oh my god, well done my lovelies 💖

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