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Bloodstock Festival news: BLOODSTOCK is committed to inclusivity and is pleased to announce that Derbyshire LGBT+ and The Soph…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

BLOODSTOCK is committed to inclusivity and is pleased to announce that Derbyshire LGBT+ and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation will both have stalls at the festival this year, where all are welcome to stop by and learn more about the work they do. You can find them in the arena to the left of the main stage, alongside Derbyshire Blood Bikes.

2022 marks the 15th year since Sophie Lancaster’s tragic death. Adam Lancaster, Sophie’s brother and team member at the Foundation, will also give a talk each day of the festival at the Rock Society tent at the back of the main arena. His powerful, intimate account details the true horrors of hate crime and the work the Foundation does to combat prejudice and intolerance in Sophie’s name.

Derbyshire LGBT+ add, “For 39 years Derbyshire LGBT+ has operated as the only charity in Derbyshire committed to the LGBT+ community of Derbyshire; offering support, advocacy, advice and empowerment. We are very proud to announce our attendance at BLOODSTOCK this year, so that we can extend our reach even further and offer these services at an event that promotes inclusivity and acceptance. Our amazing staff and volunteers will be standing by and we encourage people to visit us, find out more and to see what we have to offer. Let’s put the ‘Unity’ in ‘Community’ together!”

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26 Responses

  1. Martin Howl says:

    What has lgb for to do with anything. It’s incredibly political. Keep it out of metal.

  2. Alex Limanis says:

    Boo! Just stick with the music and not make it about sexual preferences 😒

  3. Emanuele Montali says:


  4. John Shaw says:

    Is there anyway we can get a collection tin for either charity to collect when I am there?

  5. Callum J Taylor says:

    Just wanna go for live music bloodstock, really don’t wanna be educated on how many genders there are. Do as you please just don’t flaunt pride flags everywhere, politics should stay away from bloodstock we go to escape that, some of us don’t really agree with all that, you wouldn’t have the church turn up to educate people would you, wouldnt have BLM all over the place educating us, that’s what’s next, BLM to set up a tent to educate us on Phil anslemos ‘horrific racism’ or something like that, if there was enough noise that would happen

  6. Joe Finer says:

    That’s absolutely fantastic!
    The presence of some comments proves that representation from these charities is entirely necessary…. 👊

  7. Emanuele Montali says:

    Metal has always been a political statement, a reflection on society, religion, spirituality and brutal push to change. Only at metal festival can you find right-wing flags next to left-wings flags, rainbow flags and Christian metal bands.

    If you want a political-free genre, I’ll suggest you listen to BTS.

  8. Dean Pickles Houlton says:

    got my patches from priordial radio mayhem weekend last year from the S.L. charity stand, wear them with pride on my battle vest.

  9. Barossa D'Arton says:

    Wow, the contorted lengths people will go to to avoid just saying ‘I’m a bigot’

  10. Josh Burrows says:

    “Keep politics out of metal”

    You people realise that A LOT of metal is political, right? 😭😂 Just say you’re a homophobe/transphobe and crack on 😂

  11. Hayden Brutal Leavers says:

    The best thing about posts like this is that the intolerant people make themselves known 🤦🏻😂

    Firstly – this isn’t political, it’s peoples lives
    Secondly – even if it were political, why are you asking to keep music and politics separate? Metal has always and will always be full of politics 🤦🏻

  12. Jason Judge says:

    Glad this has been resolved. I missed the Sophie stall last year.

  13. Benjy Thompson says:

    Ironic that the people opposed to these organisations, are the reason that we actually need them more than ever.

  14. Andrew Beaton says:

    This is amazing news, take no notice of the few naysayers.

  15. Jade Emily-Louise says:

    But you’re not are you!?
    My friend is required to have 2 carers at all times as that is what is deemed safe by his doctors.
    Yet, you will only allow one carer, despite him having proof of this.

  16. Ben Willmott says:

    Remember when Tom Dare wrote in Kerrang that metal had a real problem with lgbt+ tolerance and understanding and got rinsed from people saying how dare you, metals great, we love everyone…

    How’s that looking now folks? It’s true isn’t it.

  17. Addy Small says:

    Anyone that has issues with these stalls being there, please stay home.
    The festival will be a much much nicer place without you there 😘

  18. Dave Gittins says:

    Jeez and I thought we were supposed to be the “inclusive “ crowd.
    There are some very disappointing comments here 😟

  19. Denzil Brice says:

    Seems some folk have entirely missed the point. One of our own was murdered for the way she looked/was. So, in terms of anyone being able to safely express who they are gets my full support. Whatever it is, clothes, religion, mature politics. LGBT is just one area. Anyway if you’re racist a bigot or transphobe or homophobe then maybe bloodstock isn’t for you. See you all in the (inclusive) pit!!

  20. Phil Hall says:

    If you don’t like a band….don’t go watch them…
    If you don’t like vegan food….don’t buy from the vegan food stalls.
    If you aren’t interested or are against LGBT+ members of society having rights, then don’t go talk to the people on the LGBT+ stall….
    Nobody is going to hold you down and tattoo a rainbow on your face….why is everyone getting so angry about it?

  21. Steve Evans says:


  22. Graham Hodis says:

    I would like to see an RSPCA stall at bloodstock too whilst we are at it as well as one for Black Lives Matter, one Antifa, one for children in need. How far do you want to go? And before people say, I have gay friends, friends from all different walks of life, backgrounds, colour etc. If bloodstock were that bothered, would have done the LGBT years ago as it been going a long time. But we all know this to make a “Certain person” who works for them look good and to write a wrong. Damage has already been done.

  23. Andrew Foster says:

    Wonderful news. Well done Bloodstock – once again proving to be one of the friendliest, most inclusive festivals in the world. <3

  24. Phillip Deacon says:

    This Saturday Chesterfield! In aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

  25. Liam Blaney says:

    Wasn’t there or there was going to be a Harley Davidson stand a few years back….?

    Could we get them back in parallel with the Blood Bike stand , maybe get them to , ahem , donate a few machines to the Blood Bikes…!!

    Adam can do the test drives…!

  26. Marcy Turner says:

    Seeing some of the comments on here make me feel even more unsafe to returning to bloodstock then I already was after the vicky thing.

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