Bloodstock Festival news: BATTLE JACKETS OF BLOODSTOCK! Show us yours in the comments below…

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BATTLE ⚔️JACKETS OF BLOODSTOCK! Show us yours in the comments below 👇

Bloodstock Festival



4 Responses

  1. Andy Sturgess says:

    Can’t right now. Bought all the festival patches off the website, having to redo the jacket!😁

  2. Alexander L Rodgers says:

    myself aka Lord Frost with Gary Saxon Smith at Bloodstock open air august 2021

  3. Liam Séamus Seosamh MacGabhann says:

    I’ve got 2 Cut-offs…
    There not jackets as I’ve cut the arms and collar off (Cut-off), and I’ve not been in any kind of military warfare or Battles…
    In the meantime, I’m now going to start calling all my clothes stupid names…
    Shoes = deathcrushers
    Underpants = Toxic facerippers
    Jeans = warfare shorts
    Socks = Stench deths
    Leather jacket = Cow Killers


  4. Macie-Jade Marie Hudson says:

    My first jacket, my second and the half one I’m working on for summer 😎

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