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Unfortunately Static-X are postponing their European tour this summer and have released the below statement, we will be announcing a replacement shortly.

Due to the ongoing situation in Europe and Russia, Static-X is canceling all of our summer and fall overseas touring plans for 2022.

We look forward to seeing all of you in 2023 when we will officially be celebrating the 20th anniversary of machine with you all around the world.

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40 Responses

  1. Chris Rollason says:

    A tad disappointing but understandable

  2. Drew Cochrane says:

    Ah, bollocks. Move Avatar to Sunday 2nd stage headliner!

  3. Amber Rose Milton says:

    Gutted 💔But so be it if it’s their decision 😭

  4. Craig Burkey says:

    Aren’t they from America? why does Russia and Ukraine matter to them?

  5. Sam Matthews says:

    Seems a bit like an easy out for me.

  6. Dave Runham says:

    Gutting, but all understandable.

  7. Christian Jakobsen says:

    Why the hell do they cancel Bloodstock then? 🤣

  8. XMelissax Faye says:

    Anyone want two weekend tickets with parking 🤣

  9. Chris Hicklin says:

    Europe is not a dangerous place to tour 🤣

  10. Chris Stewart says:

    Can we have Abbath take their slot? With a new album on the way that would be an incredible time/place to hear some new stuff live

    If or when things calm down then I think 1914 more than deserve a slot at Bloodstock

  11. Jonny Williams says:

    Unleash The Archers, Eluveitie or Lacuna Coil as replacements 👍

  12. Jamie Bullock says:

    Gutted, but the show must go on!
    Marduk as a replacement? 👀👀

  13. Eoin Lawlor says:

    7 Russian dates & 1 in Ukraine has probably made it no longer financially viable for them to tour Europe

  14. Craig Duncan says:

    Without Wayne, there’s no Static

  15. Will Chi says:


  16. Rory Tothecore Petts says:

    Static X pulling out before Jinjer who are actually Ukrainians living in Ukraine

  17. Jamie Dudeist Priest Hill says:

    Hmmmm tbh it’s a bit crazy to cancel the full 2022 tour Europe is a huge place and we arnt all at war but hey what do I know. Hopefully it will be all over by the time bloodstock comes around 👍

  18. George Lindsay says:

    FxxK SAKE

    Pitiful excuse,first Covid now this,I find bands are now finding any excuse to cancel tours..

    There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to cancel this European Tour,there is a dispute between two countries that the band could totally avoid travelling to

    Why does the rest of Europe have to suffer,it’s business as usual for the rest of the world…it isn’t a world war

  19. Ian Thompson says:

    Russia the new covid excuse!

  20. Dan Browning says:

    Dammit they were on my list to see

  21. Lu Bell says:

    move Avatar up to their slot!

  22. Braden Leon Mulholland says:

    Please get them in for 2023

  23. Leigh Clayton says:

    Why pull out of all of Europe?

  24. Emma Korpse says:

    Get someone big though coz I’m tired of these cancellations now tbf

  25. Ashley Buchanan says:

    Get mudvayne to replace them 🤞🏻

  26. George Twydell says:

    I’m not sure how this is relevant to them? I mean… yeah it’s awful but… cancelling a tour?

  27. Emma Brown says:

    Skindred please for the replacement – I desperately want them on the line up 😍😍😍😍

  28. Dan Foale says:

    First Phil Anselmo and now Static X the two bands I bought tickets for the festival. I want a refund.

  29. Dave Bramley says:


  30. David Williams says:

    a lot of bands are postponing this year for various reasens looks like bloodstock are gonna have fun with what bands they will have like last year the way it is goin

  31. Liam Etheridge says:

    Move Avatar to Sunday second stage headliner then, and get someone else to replace them

  32. Warby Warburton says:

    Feeling like this might become a trend for bands

  33. Nick Kempster says:

    I don’t understand… do they think that England is in Russia?

  34. David Hildreth says:

    Would like to see vader headline second stage on Sunday.

  35. Graham J Haycock says:

    Unleash the Archers would be an excellent replacement…… just saying.

  36. Gayle Kimmings says:

    Ah bugger! As said a lot above, move Avatar up!

  37. Imogen Grant says:

    Good job we didn’t book this Tom Hall would of been gutted

  38. Mark Walters says:

    Move Avatar to the main stage

  39. Nigel Gazley says:

    Bah. What on going situation? What big girls.

  40. Nigel Taylor says:


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