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Bloodstock Festival news: 100 DAYS UNTIL#BOA22 Top 3 things you’re looking forward to at #BOA22!? Don’t forget WEEKEND and D…

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

100 DAYS UNTIL#BOA22 🔥🤘 Top 3 things you’re looking forward to at #BOA22!? Don’t forget WEEKEND and DAY tickets are available from bloodstock.seetickets.com

Bloodstock Festival



45 Responses

  1. Dave Gittins says:

    Bands, mates. Jaeger

  2. David Hodge says:

    Friends, music and VIP.

  3. Trevor P Smith says:

    Discharge, bunny chow and Good weather

  4. Kristin Daryl Jackson says:

    Festivals, phones off no commitments, and after festival season so I actually have some money again 😂

  5. Stuart Morrison says:

    Friends, Texas Smoker, many bands

  6. Thomas McGoay says:

    Friends, booze, music

  7. Gareth Baldybloke says:

    Meeting up with the primordial radio guys, drinking till 6am oh, and bands.

  8. Drew Cochrane says:

    Avatar, Bury Tomorrow and Orbit Culture.

  9. Jenny Lou says:

    First time thrills, bands & drinking 🍸 🤪

  10. Tom Lower says:

    Metal, moshing and mates

  11. Scot Reedy says:

    Just being away from the real world for a few days with mates

  12. Billy Burns says:

    Grub, grog, groovy music

  13. Wayne McGurrell says:

    Seeing friends, new bands and meeting Christina Hares

  14. Anthony Esson says:

    Ive not been since 2018, so too many things to just pick 3

  15. Ben Eurich says:

    Friends, beer and sleeping rough 🤣

  16. Nikki Holme says:

    Being with friends, bands, booze and bunnychows !

  17. Cal Neathway says:

    Cattle Decap, Exodus, Testament

  18. Benj Bear says:

    1. Bringing my son for the first time
    2. Seeing loads of my good friends Daryl Martin Natalie Bee
    3. Relaxing in the sun to good music

  19. Emma Korpse says:

    Heathen. The only bucket list band of mine

  20. Lucy King says:

    Seeing my festival friends after nearly 3 years, watching some sick bands and celebrating my husbands birthday together with those friends, drinking yummy cider in RocSoc 🤘❤️

  21. Fer Goose says:


  22. Wayne Tinnion says:

    Cattle Decapitation
    Lemmy’s Bar

  23. AimeeCleworth AllanBoden says:

    Can’t make it this year which sucks, but I do have my Daughter who is due this month can’t wait to meet her, so my attention will focused around family this time, maybe next year hopefully

  24. Ian Manning says:

    Beer, Music, Family. Not necessarily in that order though!🤘😁🤘

  25. Debbie James says:

    Midguard family, live music and festival food!

  26. Andy Twisty Marshall says:

    Experiencing VIP from a punters prospective rather than work it 😁👍

  27. Kyle Crabtree says:

    Lilly’s mango cider
    Fantastic music

  28. Tyler Marshall says:

    Will be our first time 🤘🏻 so so excited! Don’t know what to expect apart from good vibes and great music!

  29. Gill Valo says:

    Seeing friends we made last year, watching GWAR and Nekrogoblikon and just having a bloody good time 😄

  30. Andrew Findley says:

    Charlotte Dempsey the Sophie tent once it becomes a makeshift nightclub comes to mind 😎 as well as thinking about which local beer I’ll buy on the way up this year 😁 x

  31. Selena Artemis Griffin says:

    Coming home
    Boozing in sunshine
    Partying with friends

  32. Sara Bromley says:

    1.Attending my first Bloodstock.2. Attending my first Bloodstock .3. Attending my first Bloodstock lol.

  33. Gary Barber says:

    Better toilets than last year!

  34. Darren Charles says:

    Seeing friends, DJing the VIP and bands.

  35. Wayne O'hanlon says:

    Cannot wait, this will be mine and my partners delayed honeymoon 😁😁😁

  36. Prymå says:

    Hopefully see you there on the new blood stage 🤞🔥

  37. James Snagg says:

    Mosh!!Mosh!! Beer!! And Errrrmmm….Mosh!!!

  38. Jon Krakowiak says:

    It’ll be my first time ever at Bloodstock Festival 😁 Looking forward to everything it has to offer, hope people are as friendly here as they are at Download Festival. Missing it this year and doing Bloodstock instead for a change 😉 🤘

  39. Alison Wright says:

    Leaving the real world behind for 4 days
    Being with some of the nicest people on the planet and spending time with my wonderful family
    Watching live music played by great bands!
    To be fair I love absolutely everything and I can’t wait to come back #home ❤️

  40. William Dawes says:

    Great music, lemmys bar, the whole weekend

  41. Daniel Mellor says:

    Sweat, drink, pile ons

  42. Tori Murphy says:

    Jimmy Pugh dude it’s time for you to start your countdown 😂 double figures tomorrow

  43. Daniel Houghton says:

    Heathen, Pits, Atmosphere

  44. Bethany Louisee Buckley says:

    1 alcohol
    2 all the amazing people you meet at bloodstock
    3 not having a care in the world for a few days

  45. Daniel Oates says:

    Metal, booze, friends. Durr. 🤟🏼

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