The Guardian festival blog: Why have so many music festivals gone wrong this year? | Music

Last weekend, punters turned up to Hope & Glory in Liverpool expecting a “wonderful boutique festival” that would be “stylish yet subversive – think Charles Darwin meets Tim Burton”. At least, that’s what the advert promised.

It wasn’t too wrong. There was definitely a sense of survival of the fittest for event-goers trying to navigate queues and the lack of facilities, mixed with nightmarish Burtonian unease. But there wasn’t actually a festival, so to speak. The first day was marred by overcrowding and hours of delays, and by Sunday morning the whole event had been shut down, with nothing more than printed-out posters and a tweet reading “no festival today”. Rather than being all about the headliners, it was all about the headlines that followed.

Back in April, when the flaccid cheese sandwiches, emergency shelters and general Lord of the Flies atmosphere of the doomed Fyre festival were beamed out on…


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