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Coldcut 30th Anniversary

Matt Black and Jonathan More’s first single as Coldcut – the 1987 white label Say Kids What Time Is It? – was one of the earliest records to be entirely made up of samples. They celebrate 30 years since its release – three decades that have been filled with groundbreaking remixes, productions, DJ sets, club nights and occasional forays into the charts – with a new and doubtless thrilling audiovisual show.

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner

Of all the current crop of British MCs, Loyle Carner feels the most idiosyncratic. His debut album, Yesterday’s Gone, was restrained, lyrically downbeat, big on mournful piano and jazz guitar, suffused with a very British kind of melancholy, and came furnished with a spoken-word endorsement from his mum (“He was and is a complete joy,” she proudly offered). He’s a genuinely unique talent, and this tour contains his biggest show to date, at London’s…


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