The Guardian festival blog: Leeds festival review – eclectic makeover hits zenith as Eminem unites the masses | Music

It seems that 2017 will have a unique place in this festival’s history as the year the organisers banned the pineapple. The blameless fruit was added to the prohibited items list owing to fans of Glass Animals tendency to bring them to shows to illustrate one of the band’s lyrics. Guffaws soon mingle with cheers as the band unveil their stage set; a giant pineapple.

The unusually tropical sunshine certainly brings out the fun side of a festival which – with a simultaneous leg in Reading – has become a pilgrimage for teenagers celebrating their GCSE results. This year’s trend is sparkly face paint, while one chap has gone the extra mile by dressing as a golden eagle, head to claw.

Musically, this is the year that rings the changes. “Very different. No rock,” says the bloke on the paella stall. It isn’t entirely true (there’s still the likes of Korn and At the Drive-In), but a more eclectic bill and greater…


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