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NME Festival blog: VO5 NME Awards 2018: The nominees for Best Track supported by Estella Galicia are all certifiably huge

Wherever you were last year – be that festival field, at a house party, or under a rock, you’ll have heard the nominees for Best Track supported by Estrella Galicia at the VO5 NME Awards 2018 everywhere. And rightly so because they’re all undeniably massive in their own way. Turn the volume way up and remind yourself below.

The VO5 NME Awards 2018 takes place at London’s O2 Academy Brixton on February 14. 

Kasabian – ‘Bless This Acid House’

Why it’s great: It’s a reaction to the negativity of the world, an ode to pushing the bad stuff to one side for a bit and enjoying life.
Best lyric:Still life just waiting for the weekend/This town is easy to forget.
Key moment: It’s massive chorus that’s so sunny it casts giant rays of light over everything.
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Kendrick Lamar – ‘Humble’

Why it’s great: That beat (produced by Mike WILL Made-It) and Kendrick’s supremely confident attitude shining through his lyrics.
Best lyric:I’m so fucking sick and tired of the Photoshop/Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor/Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.
Key moment: When he calls out, “My left stroke just went viral“. Unforgettable.
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Lorde – ‘Green Light’

Why it’s great: It’s a perfect pop song and it turns heartbreak into something to dance your way through – and vigourously.
Best lyric:Sometimes I wake up in a different bedroom/I whisper things, the city sings ’em back to you.
Key moment: When the piano house line comes in and lifts things to all out euphoria.
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The Horrors – ‘Something To Remember Me By’

Why it’s great: It’s a near-seven-minute synth-pop odyssey that sparkles beautifully as its melodies revolve and rotate.
Best lyric:Walking in a crowd and I leave you behind/Back into the dark with the lions of the night.
Key moment: At 3:27 when everything melts and warps and twists, like a robot’s circuitboard burning out and dysfunctioning, leading to a glorious reascension.
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Dua Lipa – ‘New Rules’

Why it’s great: It’s the most fun any rules have ever sounded.
Best lyric:Three: Don’t be his friend/You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning/And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him.
Key moment: The bridge, when Dua’s voice goes from cool and calm, to carrying a slight air of urgency.
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Charli XCX – ‘Boys’

Why it’s great: It’s not just the video that flips perceived gender roles – the lyrics find Charli lustful and focusing her desires on numerous men, rather than just one.
Best lyric:I’m sorry that I missed your party/I wish I had a better excuse/Like I had to trash a hotel lobby.
Key moment: When it opens with the very first chorus, all twinkly and innocent.
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