NME Festival blog: The Stranger Things t-shirts that every fan has to have

Ever since Stranger Things’ release in July 2016 the globe had been seized in equal parts teenage-squad admiration and Demogorgon-fear frenzy. The Netflix Original’s palm-sweating plot, shock twists and endearing, youthful cast has captivated millions of viewers who are desperate for season 2, set for release in late October.

Are you ready for the hunt for Barbara? The return of Eleven? Will potentially turning into a Demogorgon? Well, if you haven’t got your appropriate tee at the ready alongside your popcorn then we think not! Have a look at these Stranger Things t-shirts you should don in preparation for the big return…

Stranger Things Have Happened T-Shirt – Buy Now

There are few, if any, friendships that could rival Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin. Season 1 was a rough journey but we’ve all grown fond of the youngsters. What better way to show your support for their upcoming trials and tribulations than this t-shirt?

What they would say: Dustin: “Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!”

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Stranger Things The Demogorgon Eleven Lights – Buy Now

Joyce Byers’ psychotic panic to hang up Christmas lights to communicate with her captured son was equally as ingenious as iconic. So much so that it earned Winona Ryder a Golden Globe nomination for her part. The t-shirt features those lights surrounding a print of the Demogorgon itself – handy if any abducted teens do try and contact you!

What they would say: Lucas: “Oh yeah: this is the monster killer!”

Strange Stranger Things Logo T-Shirt – Buy Now

If you’re after something a bit subtler, this t-shirt is the one. You’ll let fellow Stranger Things fans know that you’re part of the movement whilst avoiding attracting attention from any of Dr. Brenner’s cronies left around after his death.

What they would say: Joyce: “I will keep these lights up until the day I die.”

Stranger Things Demogorgon Days Gorillaz T-Shirt – Buy Now

We love our music here at NME, so here’s a Gorillaz-inspired tee of the four boys. We promise you will ‘Feel Good Inc’ if you’ve copped this when season 2 hits your screens.

What they would say: Jonathan Byers: “It will totally change you life.”

Strange Atmosphere Stranger Things T-Shirt – Buy Now

What more could you need than is in this t-shirt? The neat design features a light bulb again, the boys’ chosen means of transport in the bicycle, an eerie claw and the number 11. Do you think you’re fan enough to pull this off?

What they would say: Mike: “I think it’s cool, like Mr Fantastic”.

Stranger Things Little Miss Eleven Parody T-Shirt – Buy Now

With all the disappearances and man-hunts, perhaps something a bit more light-hearted is best for you. This re-interpretation of Roger Hargreaves’ famed Mr and Little Miss books features a cartooned Eleven, with blood trickling from her nose. After all, why be Little Miss Late of Mr Bump when you can be Little Miss Eleven with awesome powers?

What they would say: Dustin: “You better run! She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”

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Words: Toby Bryant



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