NME Festival blog: ‘It 2’: Film release date, casting news and trailers

Coulrophobiacs, look away now – because it looks like Pennywise is here to stay. As It rakes in one of the biggest openings for horror films in modern history, the cogs are turning on the sequel for Stephen King’s It. Here’s what we know about It 2, from release date to casting details.

Spoilers for It below

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When is It 2 being released?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers New Line are pencilling in a 2019 release date for the second chapter.

Has It 2 begun production?

A script is due to be finished for the next instalment in January 2018, say insiders Den of Geek. Currently in the frame to be behind the camera for It 2 is Andy Muschietti, who directed It. Speaking to MTV, he said he’d be “very, very happy about doing Chapter Two”. None of this has been confirmed officially but it’d be a shock if they didn’t follow the formula that has already worked.

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What’s going to happen in It 2?

Naturally, being a book that was released in 1986 – we already know the ending of Stephen King’s bloody-long novel. But for those not in the loop: here’s a quick refresher about the premise. After defeating Pennywise in the first chapter the group agree to return to Derry as adults should It ever return to their hometown. In an after credits scene, we hear Pennywise’s maniacal laugh, confirming that the monster has survived the kids’ beating.

Lo and behold, It returns 27 years later to pick off the next generation of kids in Derry, and the kids stay true to their word to take It on all over again. Obviously there’s more to it than just the kids. As adults, much of The Losers Club have moved away from Derry, married, got new jobs and more, all of which play crucial parts in the book’s plot – like Beverly’s relationship with abusive husband Tom, and Bill’s partner Audra.

One thing that we know will happen is that It’s true form will feature in the climatic showdown. But judging by the 1990 TV/film, It 2 really needs to make sure it’s as terrifying and grim as portrayed in the book

For the sake of spoilers, we’ll leave the premise here. But know this: it’s as terrifying as the first half.

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Who’s going to be in It 2?

Again, cast announcements have been sparse on the next instalment – but if the sequel follows in line with the book, which it should, we’ll be in for a whole new cast. As mentioned, It 2 will tackle the book’s second chapter, which is set 27 years later as the group return as adults.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, the child stars of the film suggested several names of who could play their adult versions – which included Christian Bale (Bill), Bill Hader (Richie), Jake Gyllenhaal (Eddie), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Stan), Chris Pratt (Ben), Chadwick Boseman (Mike) and Jessica Chastain (Beverly). This, obviously, is semi-serious, but it doesn’t sound like a bad team, does it?

This doesn’t mean the kids won’t feature at all. Speaking to MTV, Muschietti revealed that he would want to maintain the similar structure that features in the book, which flits between The Losers Club both as adults and as children.

Pennywise, meanwhile, is definitely going to return to wreak havoc on Derry, Maine, once again – just like in the second chapter of the book. Bill Skarsgård, the man who underwent the transformation into the terrifying clown hasn’t confirmed if he’ll be back – but it seems pretty likely he dons the makeup and orders a shitload of red balloons for It 2.

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