NME Festival blog: bbc news presenter tom donkin gets lost studio live on air

Quite possibly the worst shift of Tom Donkin’s career.

Tom Donkin presents the 2am bulletin on BBC World News, and was about to present a segment on Hurricane Irma on September 9 when he got confused about where he was supposed to be.

He can be seen panicking as the opening credits roll, before running from one side of the studio to the other and disappearing from view.

He then hurries back on screen – and faces the wrong camera.

Eventually realising which direction he’s supposed to be facing, Donkin turns around with an extremely startled look on his face.

The news anchor manages to recover pretty quickly, and starts the segment with no further mishaps.

Social media users flocked to to mock the presenter, with one saying: “Wonderful car crash opening to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera”.

However, Donkin – who has been presenting with the BBC for nine years – was quick to take it all on the chin, responding to one heckler on Twitter with: “Live TV mate, anything can happen”.

He also tweeted that it was a: “Bit of a perfect storm mate of camera fail – this stuff happens with live TV. Never had so much attention albeit odd attention.


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