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Mammothfest director Steve Dicksons stance on “etiquette” and bands applying to play a festival

As Mammothfest grows so does our reach and so every year we find more and more bands are applying to play Mammothfest and from further afield. This is both humbling and concerning as we feel the ever growing pressure to book the best emerging artists we can to support our ever growing headliners.

It may come as a shock to some but we actually get abuse when we do not book certain peoples bands. This is a minority but it happens and it’s a shame. I want to talk about this in more detail and offer some simple guidance to those bands unsure how to professionally secure gigs.

Recently a post went up on social media supporting promoters and damning certain bands for their poor etiquette (I must add no bands were harmed in the making of that honest discussion, thankfully) and it caused a whirl wind conversation that clearly showed this is a big issue certainly here in the UK which got me thinking…


  1. Great article Steve and I couldn’t agree more with all you have voiced. It’s not an easy industry to get recognition in but promoting your band in a professional way will give your a better chance of success. 🤘😈🤘

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