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Festival Insights NEWS: Why the Festival Atmosphere is More Important Than the Line-Up

Robin Travis is the Managing Director of Renby, a UK based provider of fogging and bulk solids handling systems.

A staple of the British summer and a rite of passage for many people, the festival experience is becoming more about the atmosphere and less about the line-up. Big names alone are no longer enough of a pull, and instead festivalgoers prioritise the food they eat, the friends they make and the memories they create.

If someone looks back fondly on an event, it could be the difference between whether or not they return. There are now hundreds of festivals in the UK, so there are plenty of other choices for them if yours isn’t up to scratch.

Whether it’s the music, the venue, the special effects, or a little something extra, atmosphere is instrumental in creating the moments and memories – it doesn’t matter if it’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival or Creamfields.

Every venue has an atmosphere of…

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