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Bigfoot Festival news: Bigfoot news – bIg things are afoot!…

Bigfoot news - bIg things are afoot!...

Latest update from Bigfoot Festival

Bigfoot news – bIg things are afoot!

Our line up drop is scheduled for 9am on Tuesday 8th February.
We can’t wait to share this year’s line up, it’s amazing!

Our pre-sale tickets will go live at 9am on Thursday 10th February.
If you haven’t already signed up get on the case. All pre-sale sign-up’s will get a limited Β£30 discount and entry into our VIP prize draw.

We are delighted to announce that Bigfoot has moved to an amazing new home, Claydon Estate, Buckinghamshire.
When we started our journey with Bigfoot we always planned to make it a long one – and our new home is a special place that perfectly suits what we want to create at Bigfoot Festival over the years to come.
Our new festival layout gets to make the most of the grounds with more space to explore and discover delicious stuff to eat and drink, artists to dance to, and places to hang out with friends and family.
For all the details you need head over to our website bigfootfestival.co.uk

The journey to this year’s Bigfoot has begun, we’re so excited for you to see all the amazing things we have planned.
Sign up now for all the details.
Come find Bigfoot…see you in June

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4 Responses

  1. Terry Lacy says:

    Oh dear, we’ve already booked accommodation in Alcester!

  2. Dan Edmond says:

    Are we able to get a refund if the new location is now too far to travel to? Got a taxi from Sheffield last time at Β£150 each way so this will add another Β£60 to Β£100 on.

  3. Martin Otterwell says:

    Absolutely all over this. Motorhome here we come

  4. Laura Day says:

    Gutted about this. Booked ages ago and now it’s moved.

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