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Latest update from Bestival

We’re super excited to launch the inaugural Bike to Bestival in conjunction with Velo Domestique! We want Bestival-goers to get on their bikes and join us on our mission to reduce Bestival’s environmental impact while raising money for an amazing charity, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust – and to top it all off, riders will receive a free Bestival ticket!


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  1. Josh McGhee says:

    Max McCann Ryan Clark Bradley Beeden do this… 25 mile bike ride, free ticket and raise money for charity! I’ve just filled out

  2. Chris Godfrey says:

    Ben Simms

  3. Emily Watton says:

    Maxi Watton get on ya bike and get a free ticket to bestival and come party with me and little Jimmy love. They are parting from bmoth 😁😁😁😁

  4. Robert Holdcroft says:

    I wonder how many people will be pumped to ride home Monday !

  5. Russell Fenby says:

    Do you have to bike back??????

  6. Ellie Trebilcock says:


  7. Rosie Whillock says:

    Anna Honey legit SO TEMPTED

  8. Hattie Rossi says:

    Kasia Dilenardo found a way for you to get a free ticket 😂

  9. Ailsa McNeil says:

    Clara Malagon Gonzalez this was made for you

  10. Georgia Collins says:

    Nel Smith Nel Smith 😂 found you a way of coming can borrow my bike

  11. Melissa Sumner says:

    Emma Hartland it’s in Dorset now 😩😩 just not the same 😒

  12. Jasmine Bird says:

    Laiya Cornish Mica McDonald Saoirse Butterfield Thomas Bowen Omg I so could for a free ticket xox

  13. Kieran Howard says:

    Bike to bestival, rio to rio, Alliteration within charity bike rides is really taking off it seems Jack

  14. Jasmine Holder says:

    Bryony Meade……..

  15. Ellie Malpas says:

    Izzie London Chloe Foster Annabel Nelson Ben Hubbard Antonia Eugenie Shoolheifer Jack Periccos George Maguire Shoolheifer we are doing this

  16. Caroline Pitchfork says:

    There is no way I am biking to bestival from my house with two year old and a babies and especially as I live over 130 miles away haha!

  17. Paul Kemp says:

    Ross Fergus, up for a challenge gents?

  18. Natalie Von Koettlitz says:

    Katie Holt you guys could do this for your next bike trip?!

  19. Rhys Robinson says:

    Sam Cook Ryan Suffling

  20. Oliver Johnson says:

    Meg Slater fancy it!? 😜

  21. Laura Cowper says:

    Claire Scutt Laurence Doyle Rhys Matthews Sam Don this is soooo up Omar’s street!!! How amazing would he be!! I swam to bestival in 2014, his turn to do the hardwork now haha!! Fingers crossed!!xxx

  22. Charlie Boyle says:

    Will there be somewhere secure to store the bikes at the festival and do you get your administration fee back if you don’t raise enough money?

  23. Jack Murphy says:

    Layla.. wanna ride to bestival? Free ticket!!! Haha xx

  24. Jemma Scarman says:

    Nikki Sear this would be cool to do, goal for next year maybe?

  25. James McKernan says:

    Nicola Lace you and ben can fight over my old bike for this one !

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