Bestival news: The Bestival team are super-excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with madcap…

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The Bestival team are super-excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with madcap creatives, the Hungry Castle crew once again to bring you another ground breaking, iconic inflatable. Ladies & gentlemen, behold! It’s Happy Kanye! What would you and your friends do if you stepped inside the rainbow?


25 Responses

  1. Danbee James Adams says:

    Jack Merton

  2. Anya Blanshard-Phibbs says:

    Chloë Matthews Leanne Hayward Amanda Smyth 😂

  3. Denise George says:

    Reuben Graham

  4. Gina Gooding says:

    Bayern München 😂😂😂😂

  5. Adam Tatton-Reid says:

    Loads of pink balloons all over the walls, backlit, and a bouncy pink floor. I’d call it The Kan-womb.

  6. Jess Rogers says:


  7. Sophie Clements says:

    Tom Kitcher 😂

  8. Dom Gioia says:

    John Thulbourn

  9. Reuben Graham says:

    I *AM* the Rainbow.

  10. Tess Domenet says:

    Abigail Foreman

  11. Jules Stagg says:


  12. Michelle King says:


  13. Mattheu McBarnett says:

    Mostafa Al Cath Elliston Sarah Chn

  14. Reese Kirsh says:

    Elliot SinclairJamie McIntyreMike TrasmundiSam Galactic Mannis

  15. Jack Matthews says:

    Wtf happened to this festival Emily Allibone Millie Johnston

  16. Dan Petterson says:

    Shan Heaney

  17. Harry Kendall says:

    Ted Nelson Kieran Philp Jesse Jesé Dean Smith Elliot DaCosta Hugh Kendall

  18. Rob Sanders says:

    Fish sticks

  19. Jells Fletcher says:

    Claire Popham

  20. Thomas Carroll says:

    Daniel George May

  21. Thomas Carroll says:

    Tehya Mai

  22. Rosie Cox says:

    Chris Neeld

  23. Laura Bolus says:

    Alex DPGemma EveChris Shmorris

  24. Mel Langdon says:

    Ashley Randell

  25. Gemma Louise Kirwan says:

    Randall Smith

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